Tempi Mechanical Metronome for Musicians with Bell available on Amazon.com

Tempi Mechanical Metronome for Musicians with Bell available on Amazon.com

Tempi Mechanical Metronome gives comfort that music perfection is not impossible

January 08, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Tempi LLC releases its one of a kind newest Mechanical Metronome for Musicians. Aside from its helpful musical features, it also comes in an aesthetic design. The item is packaged securely with a bubble wrap in a nice box that comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning and a pamphlet of instructions. Make sure to read the instructions first in removing the protective plastic foam that holds the pendulum while in transit.

The outside design is a beautiful mahogany grain veneer, made in durable plastic that has a very real finish look that can’t be identified is protected by a durable plastic coverage. The mahogany cover will look great in any music room or on top of an amazing piano set. The Tempi Mechanical Metronome comes in a pyramid shape that has a golden theme in its metronome and pendulum that acts as the counterweight. The weight of the inverted pendulum rod is adjustable to control the desired tempo to follow. All the mechanical working gears inside the metronome are all well made in metal. It doesn’t need batteries; just turn the winding mechanism that has an average 20 minute wind for a longer a practice for less frustration.

Just set the tempo accordingly with the slide in any range from 40 beats to 208 beats per minute. As the pendulum swings back and forth in tempo, the mechanism inside produces an identifiable clicking sound on each oscillation on top of the sound of a musical instrument; this helps one keep the right track of the beat and rhythm for timing. Even how loud the guitar, piano and drums are, one can hear the sound of woodblock coming from the metronome. If in case the user can’t, just rewind the device. The sound, tempo, chimes are all can be adjusted accordingly. It also has the ‘beat bell’ and can be easily adjusted from 2, 3, 4, 6 rhythm or set this metronome on 0 if one doesn’t want to hear a bell chime on every down beat of each measure.

With the gratitude and excitement of some customers of Tempi LLC on this Tempi Mechanical Metronome features, here are some of the top reviews at Amazon.com: www.amazon.com/Tempi-Tem-4000-Metronome-for-Musicians/dp/B015ULU8HI

“For starters, it has an audible click that is easy to hear for any beginner or professional. It provides an adjustable beat, tempo and high tempo that keeps the musician on track playing the music right. It’s extremely easy to use as no batteries are required, just turn the winding mechanism and adjust the tempo accordingly. It is protected by a durable ABS housing that comes with a matching cover. This is plastic but not by no means cheap. Overall, it functions and performs as it should for its intended purpose.” – Justin

“This metronome is easy to use and works great. Even with all of the cool technology available with apps & electronic gadgets it is nice to have a traditional style because it is more effective.” – Lynn

It’s a US-based company that values the importance and wonder of music in many lives. Along with their music and product specialist they are deemed to develop excellent quality of training aids to help people discover more of their talents and passion musically in a right manner of success with elegance.


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