Second Mortgages in Welland, Ontario Now Offered By Mortgage Broker Store

Second Mortgages in Welland, Ontario Now Offered By Mortgage Broker Store

Welland is the newest city serviced by Mortgage Broker Store, which has been in the Ontario market for more than a decade.

January 04, 2017 ( – The move was prompted by a clear need for affordable loans in an environment where existing lenders have a hard time offering alterative lending solutions.

Second mortgage loans are secured against real estate property. A second mortgage loan is one that can be used for any purpose you wish.

According to Ron Alphonso, “A second mortgage loan is most attractive to clients as it is more affordable than unsecured debt”. Payday loans and credit cards charge high interest rates up to 20% which an impractical option is considering that there are second mortgage loans that charge only 10% interest.

Besides lower interest rates, second mortgage loans provide flexible payment features to suit different clients. Depending on your financial situation it is possible to skip, take a break or choose to pay early without fines or severe consequences. To take advantage of these flexible payment options, it is wise for the customer to provide proper notice to their mortgage broker.

By deciding to service Welland, Mortgage Broker Store promises to provide clients the best second mortgage loans but there are more benefits. Mr. Alphonso says, “We are licensed professionals who can offer various loans. Through the ten years in the industry, our experts have gained unrivalled ability to connect clients with the right loans. With our help people in the areas we serve get affordable loans which they can repay comfortably and improve their credit score. ” 

Creditors today have very strict requirements regarding an individual’s earnings. Mortgage Broker Store doesn’t concentrate on clients’ earnings as they can easily give you a loan against your home or other piece of real estate.

The money can be used to pay utility bills, school fees or other debts. The brokerage’s experts are always on hand to listen to your needs, look at your property and discuss your options. They will also help you understand the payment options that you can take. They work closely with all clients to make sure that they get loans against their properties without having to pay exorbitant rates for them.

They are not focused on your current credit score since most second mortgages are based on the equity in your home.


Source: PR