Companies are Making the Jump to ‘Account-Based Selling’

Many sales teams have traditionally cast a wide net and caught plenty of leads, but is this approach catching the right leads? Meet the more specific option many forward-thinking sales teams are starting to adopt: ‘account-based selling.’

ST. PAUL, MN – Casting a wide net catches plenty of leads, but is it catching the right leads? Account-based selling gives sales departments a more efficient option.

OppSource, maker of the PursuitPro sales development platform, encourages companies to consider adding account-based sales to their business-to-business selling toolbox. It’s about personalizing the sales approach to focus upon a clearly defined set of target accounts.

That personalization once cost much more to attempt. Advances in marketing and sales technology like account-based sales automation software enable companies to do it for less.

Sales development teams specialize in prospecting for leads and filling up that sales pipeline so that salespeople can close more deals. The hotter the leads the better.

A broad-based approach may seem as though it’s likely to catch more leads, but how many of those leads are converted into sales?

Account-based selling enables sales development teams to focus on select accounts and personalize their search and put their efforts into pursuing right-fit accounts using their resources more efficiently.. The data they collect and organize gives them the ability to pass along more right-fit, right-time, sales ready opportunities to salespeople.

That means less waste as sales development teams pass along pre-vetted sales ready opportunities more likely to be converted to sales. They can target their efforts and make sure salespeople have the pitch they need to target an account’s specific business challenges.

OppSource PursuitPro enables sales development representatives to pass along neatly organized sales ready opportunities to sales colleagues. The opportunities are automatically formatted into an easy to read report and feature all historical lead development activity in an actionable form that salespeople will want to pursue.

The PursuitPro sales development software’s TouchPlans allow sales development representatives to create single or multiple phone, email, voicemail and social touch points that let them consistently stay on top of every lead. That increases efficiency by allowing them to better focus and pass along leads that have already been vetted and are sales ready..

Three sales and marketing veterans founded OppSource with the idea that there had to be a better way. They spent seven years developing a sales development platform that’s been proven and tested with thousands of sales ready opportunities.

OppSource PursuitPro gives sales development teams a better way to fill up the sales pipeline with opportunities that are sales ready.

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