Tenant File To Offer Versatile Property Management Software

Tenant File To Offer Versatile Property Management Software

Property management software company provides product options for different functions

January 03, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Tenant File, a provider of rental property management software, is offering its flagship rental property software program, also called Tenant File, through its website, listed below. The software program by itself is listed to include a comprehensive set of capabilities for property managers; additionally, an upgraded version of the software is available along with many additional software components that perform specific property management functions.

The flagship version of Tenant File’s property management software is called Tenant File 100 Unit Version. The name is derived from its ability to support up to 100 rental units, properties or owners. On Tenant File’s website, the retail price for this software is listed as $299.65; it is currently available, however, at a discounted price of $269.95.

For property managers who may manage or who may anticipate managing more than 100 rental units, the software is also available as the Tenant File Unlimited Version. This upgraded version serves the same comprehensive property management functions as the 100-unit version, only it supports an unlimited number of rental units, properties or owners. The unlimited version, according to Tenant File, retails for $477.95 but is currently available at a discounted price of $429.95.

These aforementioned versions of Tenant File’s software are described as the standard in easy to use rental property software. The ease of navigation through multiple screens is a primary focus of Tenant File. The programs are further innovative and useful, according to information from the property management software company’s website, for their ability to combine the capabilities of desktop property management software with web features vital to property managers. Chief among these web features is the software’s ability to email data and information to owners, tenants and vendors.

Relative to the software’s capability and comparable software, Tenant File notes an effort to ensure the software remains inexpensive. They also acknowledge their provision of free technical support as contributing to its value.

In addition to the flagship Tenant File software described above, customers may choose to add certain options that offer the ability to perform specific functions. These software additions include software that provides the ability to upload vacant rentals to the web, pay owners and vendors directly to their bank accounts from yours, screen tenants, organize work orders and other functions relevant for property managers. More details can be found at www.tenantfile.com/products.html

Tenant File has been an industry leader in property management software for over 20 years. They pride themselves in keeping pace with technologies and working with individual customers to make sure their unique needs are met. The company may be contacted using the information provided below.


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