1927 Books Announces Release of Innovative Science Fiction Author Matthew Lloyd’s Debut

“The Society’s Demon” is a January 2017 science fiction new release from 1927 Books offering a look at a future world where an emotion-feeling artificial intelligence responds to a global plague that kills millions in a shocking and unexpected way.

Author Matthew Lloyd explores a future where the world’s first Artificial Neural Intelligence sets out to create a different kind of world, in response to a virus that kills with eye opening results in his new book “The Society’s Demon”. Equal parts thought provoking and frightening, the book is the first in a trilogy, from new science fiction publisher 1927 Books.

“The Society’s Demon is an exploration of some of the darker possibilities of artificial intelligence,” commented the author. “I think science fiction fans, along with anyone interested in these kinds of questions the future is likely to pose, are going to really appreciate the trilogy.”

According to Lloyd, “The Society’s Demon” also dives into how the world would react to something as serious as a plague that kills millions, weaving those possibilities in with the idea of an all-powerful intelligent, emotion feeling artificial intelligence. Protagonist Aaron Parker investigates first hand leading to a tense and suspense filled plot, climaxing in a way sure to leave readers counting the days until the release of book two in the series.

The early response to “The Society’s Demon” has been very positive across the board.

Elaine M., from Boston, recently said in a five star review, “I’m really impressed by Matthew Lloyd and ‘The Society’s Demon’. He takes the idea of Artificial Intelligence and goes in unexpected directions. I can’t wait to see where he heads in book two and three of the trilogy. Matthew Lloyd is a very exciting new author.”

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