What is a power bank? And which one should I buy?

What is a power bank? And which one should I buy?

January 02, 2017 (datsyn.com) – In this article we are going to look into what power banks are and guide users to make the right choice when choosing a power bank, because power banks are becoming popular these days as smartphone manufactures are upgrading our gadgets and devices on a daily basis. And these smart devices (smartphones & tablets) needs more power for them run and work efficiently for a whole day, which they don’t. Normally devices that needs a back up power are the smartphones & tablets these days. And most of us individually own one or two, But not all people know how power bank works literally. And most sellers (manufactures and retailers) don’t explain how their Power bank works, so many people just end up buying the wrong type/specifications of power bank, which won’t serve the need of their devices (such as smartphones & tablets) for long.

That’s the reason we (GSS power bank manufacturer)decided to enlighten the public the best way we can. We have compiled some facts, and broke it down in a way you should understand it, to help future end-users make the right decision of the power bank that they want.

What is a power bank? 

In a lay man’s term: power banks are are mobile batteries that come in varieties of capacity, sizes and shapes, it is used in recharging or charging most of electrical mobile devices like, smart-phones, camera’s, laptops, jump starting cars e.t.c…

Power banks are categorized into 5

1. Solar power bank

2. Gift power bank

3. Promotional power bank

4. Universal power bank

5. Jump starter power bank

Solar power banks:

Solar power banks are power banks that can be charged through sunlight, they have photovoltaic panels which can trickle-charge the internal battery when placed under sunlight. Solar charging isn’t fast, so they can usually be charged via cable as well. It is mostly used outdoors, where electricity is not mostly available, like Hiking and camping.

Most solar power banks are waterproof, dust-proof and break-proof because it is likely to be used under harsh and unpredictably conditions. They are mostly equipped with flashlight, compass and hooks, their power storage capacity ranges from 8000mah to 20000mah depending on the manufacturer.    

 Gift or Promotional power bank:

Like the name goes gift power bank, they are some sorted power bank from manufacturers that look good and portable to be presented as a gift item. Well, most of us know that in given gifts it all depends on what you think the person will like, but since we are talking about power banks here gift power banks are mostly classic and a little on the high side price ranges from $10 – $30.

Majority of people mistake gift power banks for promotional power banks which on the other side is really really cheap $2 – $5 which is usually used for promotions and advertisement as a give-out FREE GIFTS.

 Universal power banks:

Universal power banks are categories of power banks that can be used to charging almost all mobile devises, tablets, ipad, iphone, laptops, smart-phones, camera’s e.t.c. In other words power banks that have multi outputs. They come in different sizes, designs and normally have high power capacity.

  Jump starter power bank:

Now this is my fun part! Jump starter power bank as the name goes “YES” this little devices here can jump your car. If you decide not not have any power banks I really think this is a must have for car owners. Although that we’ve had portable jump starters in the past, jump starter power power bank is easy to carry and can save you a lot of trouble when you have an emergency or you just want to help of a friend.

It comes in different designs and capacities which usually ranges from 10000mah to 18000mah and it has some emergency features which can come-in handy like, sit-belt cutter, LED flashlight, SOS flash light and not forgetting jump starting.

Most of the car jump starters have high capacity polymer battery, it can be used to supply power for ALL V4 to V12 diesel and gasoline vehicles, It will jump start a V12 engine 20 times on a full charge, with ZERO Volts on the battery.

It can be used to charge other mobile devices of like Cameras, GoPros, Portable speakers, GPS systems, MP3 players, MP4 players, games, smart-phones and even some tablets, click here for DEMO video.

 Technical terms:

1. Mah

2. Li-ion & Li-Polymer

3. Type-C

4. OEM & ODM

5. MOQ

6. Efficiency

What does MAH mean? 

Batteries are common in mobile devices and Power Banks are rated on their MAH (milliamp-hours), measured in milliamps to create non-decimal numbers. The MAH ratings denote capacity for power flow over time. 

Li-Ion & Li-Polymer 

Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries are the most common rechargeable cell types found in Power Banks. Lithium-Ion cells are commonly used and limited in mAh capacity, while Lithium-Polymer cells can be larger and don’t suffer from a memory effect over time. 


In most of the power banks that are being manufactured from 2015 do have type-c which is a new, tiny physical connector. The connector itself can support various exciting new USB standard like USB 3.1 and USB power delivery (USB PD).

The standard USB connector you’re most familiar with is USB Type-A. Even as we’ve moved from USB 1 to USB 2 and on to modern USB 3 devices, that connector has stayed the same. It’s as massive as ever, and it only plugs in one way — so you have to make sure it’s oriented correctly when you plug it in.

But other devices wanted to use USB, too! Those massive USB ports won’t fit on smartphones, digital cameras, game controllers, and all the other devices out there you might want to plug in via USB. So many other shapes of connector were born, including “micro” and “mini” connectors.


OEM is a short abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer. it refers specifically to the act of a company branding a product to its own name and offering its own warranty, support and licensing of the product. The term is really a misnomer because OEMs are not the original manufacturers; they customize the original product.

ODM is a short abbreviation for original design manufacturer. is a company that designs and manufactures a product as specified and eventually re-branded by another firm for sale.


MOQ simply means Minimum Order Quantity, which is a common word that manufactures use, when asking the quantity of product that you want to order.


When power is transferred, there is always loss due to resistance. Power Banks are not able to transfer 100% of their actual capacity to a device, so we factor in this loss when calculating how many times an average device can be charged from a fully powered Power Bank of any given size. Efficiency ratings differ between Power Banks based on their cell type, component quality and environment. Ratings between 80% and 90% are the current industry standard. Beware of suspiciously low-cost options claiming efficiency ratings of over 90%. 

Device Depletion 

This is the state of the battery in the device you wish to charge. The lower its power, the more a Power Bank has to work to bring it back to life. We consider charging from 20% to 90% a full charge, as the efficiency loss increases beyond these points, leading to wasted charging potential. Going from 5% to 100% can take exponentially more power. 

In summary

Considering that most smartphone manufacturers like SAMSUNG, APPLE, HTC, WINDOWS e.t.c, are building muti task smartphones with big screen and high resolution, it can be said that one should have a standby back-up power in case you run out of juice, that will still depend on the nature of your job and usage of your mobile/smartphone.

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