RenegadeWorks Announces Launch of its new Referral Marketing Module

RenegadeWorks Announces Launch of its new Referral Marketing Module

Chad Maurer, Chief Business Development Officer of RenegadeWorks, announced that the firm has launched a new referral marketing module for its popular online reputation management software for businesses.

January 02, 2017 ( – Sanford, NC – The new module at is fully integrated with the firm’s current reputation management software and the company is offering a free demo to interested business owners and marketing managers. RenegadeWorks provides business owners with all the specialized tools they need to quickly and easily launch a referral marketing program.

“We’re very excited to be launching our referral marketing software,” said Maurer. “It’s been engineered from the ground up to provide service-based businesses a great way to implement a sustainable customer referral program.”

The most effective and reliable form of marketing is customer referrals and the new RenegadeWorks module provides business owners with push button referrals without awkward conversations with customers. Local businesses with physical locations can establish customer reward programs that offer any incentive desired for individuals referring friends and family. Rewards can encompass options ranging from discounts to prize drawings.

The software module provides instant follow-ups by automatically emailing new referrals and individuals automatically receive specific details when three or more referrals are made. The software allows business owners to capture contact information with which to build a referral database for future marketing campaigns. The online reputation management software tools at integrate with the referral marketing program module and share a common contact database.  This saves all referral data to the user’s private dashboard and the data can be downloaded for dissemination to team members for follow-up.

The primary problem with current referral software is that there’s no way to accurately identify which customers are active referral sources. RenegadeWorks has changed that with its new software innovation. Only 29 percent of customers say they’ll make a referral actually follow up on the promise. The module makes it easy for consumers to make referrals and for businesses to track that information to foster loyal relationships with existing and potential customers.

Consumers that have been referred by a friend or family member are significantly more loyal than those obtained through other methods and they’re more profitable throughout the course of their relationship with a business. Referrals are the most trusted source of advertising that utilizes the word-of-mouth method to grow a loyal customer base and boost sales.

The integrated referral marketing module for the RenegadeWorks reputation management software is particularly advantageous for service-oriented businesses. In today’s marketing environment, recommendations by satisfied customers are an essential element for conducting commerce and the new referral marketing module provides all the tools required to foster credibility, loyalty and revenue expansion. 

RenegadeWorks provides online reputation management software and referral marketing software to help local businesses establish themselves as leaders in their market. RenegadeWorks serves clients in a variety of service-based industries ranging from medical to home construction. More information is available at


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