MSS Software Provides Barcode Equipment, Rentals, and Solutions For Wide Range Of Clients and Purposes

MSS Software Provides Barcode Equipment, Rentals, and Solutions For Wide Range Of Clients and Purposes

Provider of barcode equipment solutions has worked with Benjamin Moore and HP

December 29, 2016 ( – MSS Software has provided barcode equipment and software solutions for a variety of different organizations and agencies, the company has explained in an overview of case studies available on their website. Among the commercial clients listed by the company are Benjamin Moore and HP.

Within the Customer Service section of its website, the provider of barcode equipment solutions MSS Software has included a list of case studies in order to provide interested parties with a listing of the work the company has performed in the past. The company divides its listing of case studies into commercial case studies and government case studies, as it has worked with clients in both the public and private sectors. Among the successful business relationships MSS Software describes in its listing of commercial case studies are those with Benjamin Moore Painting Company and HP, the technology corporation also known as Hewlett-Packard.

In describing the services it has provided for Benjamin Moore, MSS Software notes that it currently provides barcode reader rentals for the painting company. The barcode reader rentals are used for the purposes of tracking annual inventory at more than 20 of the company’s manufacturing locations. As a result of the successful use of the rental equipment, MSS Software reports that Benjamin Moore made the decision to rent over 300 barcode readers on an annual basis instead of investing in the purchase of capital equipment.

MSS Software also describes HP’s use of their Attendance Tracker Pro software and equipment. Attendance Tracker Pro allows organizations to scan the barcodes of attendees at events, seminars and meetings and record and transfer the collected data. MSS notes in their brief case study description that HP utilizes Attendance Tracker Pro to to view reports of attendance at the larger conferences held by the company.

HP has used the data provided by MSS’s software to determine which sessions are most popular and adjust their planning and logistical resources to reflect likely attendance. HP used the equipment to track both attendance at various at various conference sessions and the length of time each employee attended certain sessions. More information can be found at

MSS Software has been a provider of barcode equipment and software for more efficient data collection since their founding as a company in 1984. They work with many clients of various structures and sizes and pride themselves on their ability to adapt their equipment and experience to serve the unique barcode needs of any potential client. Potential clients may receive a free consultation about their barcoding needs by contacting MSS Software using the information provided below.


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