Danmar Computers Facebook Leads Integration Product Launched to Help Automate Facebook Leads Integration

Danmar Computers Facebook Leads Integration Product Launched to Help Automate Facebook Leads Integration

SugarCRM, a Facebook leads integration software product, was recently launched by Danmar Computers, the IT solutions provider that has developed a number of marketing automation tools before.

December 26, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – SugarCRM, a Facebook leads integration software product designed and developed by Danmar Computers, was recently launched to help marketers automate the automate integration between Facebook leads and CRM. The developers from Danmar Computers recently called a press conference to announce the launch of the DanmarCRM software product and also to explain the benefits of the leads integration software program.

The main issue that Facebook marketers face is that they cannot store Facebook leads in any other format than a CSV which is a built-in default feature of the social media site. The developers at Danmar computers claimed that the problem can be solved by using SugarCRM, their Facebook leads integration software product which can be effectively set up to sync lead ads directly with the CRM itself.

SugarCRM Facebook Leads simply connects the lead ads campaigns with the CRM tool, which allows marketers to import their lead data to their CRM instantly. The developers added that in this process, marketers don’t need to download CSV files separately as they can sync lead ads in real time with the CRM.

Danmar Computers, an IT solutions provider that provides cutting edge technology solutions to business organizations of all sizes and types, launched the product with an aim to facilitate marketers with marketers with an aim to assist Facebook lead integration managers and Facebook marketers with customer relation management. The owners added that their support team is now prepared to answer technical queries of social media managers who would be using the software program.

“Lead categorization is a highly important aspect of a social media marketing campaign, no matter what sort of an organization it is. Lead management and integration is the very basis of a successful marketing campaign. Danmar Computers is committed to provide cutting edge lead integration solutions for Facebook marketers who wish to automate their leads integration process. Our software product is time saving and cost saving, to say the least”, commented a developer.

The developer also added that interested marketers can also visit a link, which is danmarcrm.com/store/products/sugarcrm-facebook-leads-integration to know more about their software product which has been specifically designed for Facebook marketers.

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