Tax Preparer Launches Explanation of TaxCaster 2017

Tax Preparer Launches Explanation of TaxCaster 2017

TaxCaster 2017 is a tax refund calculator that can be accessed online, and Frank Ellis tells readers how they can use it to find out how much they can expect back from the government.

December 20, 2016 ( – Frank Ellis, a tax preparation planner and published author, has launched his explanation of TaxCaster 2017 on The online tax refund calculator is available in time for tax season. Ellis explains how to use the all-in-one online tax tool while protecting one’s personal information. The tool analyzes one’s income and allows them to get an estimate of a tax refund.

A table of contents breaks down this informative article, so readers can quickly get to the information that’s most helpful. The author first explains how TurboTax TaxCaster works. It accounts for deductions and exemptions, using a calculation to identify one’s total taxable income. Taxpayers then find out how much to pay the IRS or what kind of refund they’ll get using the tax refund calculator

Next, the author includes a section on determining deductions. He explains how they work and lists the common tax deductions people take , including mortgage interest, charitable donations, real estate tax, and more. The software is a better way to understand deductions rather than track them during the year, Ellis says.

Qualifying for exemptions is covered next. The author discusses how they are structured into tiers. Personal, dependent, and local city/state/county exemptions are differentiated and the article reveals what it means to qualify. Exemptions are especially useful if one is not expecting a refund, Ellis says, and it is wise to do research and stay current with tax legislation in regards to tax exemption qualification.

A section on the Alternative Minimum Tax explains its complexity and how it affects one’s tax obligations. Ellis ends the article with an explanation of TaxCaster’s versatility. It is available as an online tool and an app. The tool is available through a link in the article, where one can read more details about it by going to

Frank Ellis is a Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner and published author. He has written tax and finance related articles for eight years and has published over 900 articles on leading financial websites.


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