Shawn Carter’s Jay Z Philadelphia Paternity Case May Be Eternity

Jay-Z’s Paternity Case May be Taking another lap in Philadelphia Allegedly Jay’s Attorney and the Opposing attorney may have helped him to avoid paternity of Wanda’s son but it backfired.

Partners of Leaving Foot Prints of Family Court Good or Bad along with FCLU of Philadelphia Chapter is in support of helping families with justice such as the Philadelphia Case of Lillie Coley and Wanda Satterthwaite filed in November 2016(see link below) regarding Coley’s then attorney who may have colluded with  Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z’s attorney to help him avoid paternity to Wand’s Son.

Yes, this Philadelphia Paternity Case From Since 2010 May Be going through another lap although, but this time it’s about the opposing attorney who may have comprise his loyalty to his client by removing Coley’s name as petitioner and making Wanda his client without her permission.

This case alleges legal problems of fraud and is well cited on line. We have to as the community to continue to bring exposure and awareness to cases that make any attempts on destroying the family. In this case parties state that Shawn’s Attorney and Coley’s Attorney may have colluded together to cause Coley’s name to be stricken from the court records or a petition filed in 2012.

However, the paramount problem is not among the attorneys but Coley’s attorney and her.  Apparently, Wanda name was added and she was not aware and just released from the hospital. Here is classic case of problems with Court systems and attorneys who comprise their integrity, but this presiding Judge in Philadelphia actually did what was right in the eyes of law for the child until the allege collusion came in.

That’s right Judge Doris Peckhrow was the Judge for all the cases in Philadelphia since 2010 and she is always praised by the family.  As there are many stories regarding this matter we ask the public to continue to make aware of their judicial system by reporting and seeking to correct problems by not ignoring them.

The family will need support from the community and is seeking a good attorney to help them with the case please contact them with the link of the court documents that has all their information or contact us below.

Case Cover

Case file 161102625 – Opening document

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