Fascol Started Selling Kick Scooter in New York and Los Angeles through Amazon

Fascol Started Selling Kick Scooter in New York and Los Angeles through Amazon

Fascol, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing kid’s scooters, recently started selling kick scooters for kids through Amazon.

December 20, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Fascol, a kid’s bike and scooter manufacturer from China with subsidiaries in five European countries, recently launched their Children Surfing Style Kick Scooter through Amazon to facilitate their prospective customers in ordering scooters for their kids from the comfort of their homes. People who wish to buy kick scooter in New York , Los Angeles or any other US city or state can now order the pink surfing scooter which has been specifically designed by the German engineers of the company for the kids.

While describing the features of the new kick scooter, one senior engineer of the Chinese bike design and manufacturing firm said that the unique C-shape design of the bike functions as a great shock absorber, which is indeed very effective a feature for kids who often collide with nearby objects. Also, the engineer claimed that the unique design of the scooter prevents kids riding it from taking sharp and dangerous turns. The kick scooter, which is now available in Los Angeles and several other American cities, also comes with flashing wheels, which makes the bike all the more stylish.

“There’s also hand brake which is highly flexible and it activates the rear brake as well, providing better control and ensuring safety of the child users. Additionally, the comfortable and ergonomically designed rubber grip makes handling the scooter quite easy. We have made sure that the wheels are anti-abrasive and durable as well. The quiet ride wheels are suitable for home, though the bike is also suitable for parks and open roads as well”, the chief engineer explained during a trade fair where the scooter was unveiled for the first time.

Fascol strives to design and manufacture lightweight bikes and scooters for kids. The owners believe that kids should be encouraged to ride their own vehicles out in the open as it develops as sense of responsibility and good driving at a very tender age. Also, the owners claimed that their kick scooters help kids to burn their calories, which is a known effective way to fight child obesity. The multi-award winning company now focuses on materializing innovative design ideas.

To know more, visit www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYNQVXC  or https://www.fascol.com/product/surfing-scooter-pink/

Fascol is a renowned manufacturer of bikes and scooters for kids.


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