How Did Airwheel Smart Folding electric vehicles Bring Revolution to Daily Commuting?

How Did Airwheel Smart Folding electric vehicles Bring Revolution to Daily Commuting?

Airwheel folding e-bikes are serving as a connection to highly developed modern transportation system. Its eco functions and portable features are bringing revolution to daily commuting.

December 14, 2016 ( – Eco vehicles, driven by clean energy, like electricity have been widely accepted worldwide, as a countermeasure to the worsening environmental degradation. Giant tech companies are sparing efforts to investing in electric cars. Airwheel, a smart vehicle producer, has rolled out its folding e-bikes to keep up with the tide and meanwhile, offer affordable eco commuting solutions for the general public.

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The biggest move this year, for the company, is the launching of a series of folding e-bikes. As modern transportation systems are highly developed, there should be more intelligent vehicles connected to the public transportation systems. Airwheel foldable electric bikes, represented by E3 and E6 have realized such a need. To ease the traffic pressure, small and portable vehicles are gaining an upper hand than the bulky cars. They occupy little space on the road and can be carried onto metros and buses. Airwheel electric folding bike are extremely foldable. E3, for example, can be folded into a size of 400*353*472mm and thus can be fit into a backpack. Both E3 and E6 are light-weighted.

The embarrassing situation that automobiles face is that hey can not improve the commuting efficiency in congested traffic surroundings. Though many automobiles are designed to be very fast, sometimes they are still helpless facing traffic jam. In particular, the exhausted gas is to blame for the global warming.  Airwheel electric bikes, on the one hand, frees people from the traffic congestion, and on the other hand, restore the simple order of nature. Commuting should not bring pressure to both the environment and people themselves.

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Airwheel foldable e bikes achieve light weight by adopting aluminum alloy materials. Least materials plus creative structure enable E3 and E6 to bear the most weight. E3 weighs 12.5kg but it can carry a 100kg load. The branded Li-ion battery generates sufficient power and guarantees that the vehicles can move stably on urban roads. The battery, integrated with a USB port, is swappable. It can charge other electronic devices. As long as riders have enough backup battery, they can run as long as they wish.


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