Extra Holiday Cheer Leads To Bad Skin For The New Year

Extra Holiday Cheer Leads To Bad Skin For The New Year

Skin care experts warn bad eating habits during the Christmas season will impact quality of skin.

December 11, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Scottsdale, AZ – Most everyone worries about weight gain over the Holidays, but what they fail to realize is their eating habits cause the quality of their skin to worsen.

Breakouts, flare ups, dryness, wrinkles, and inflammation are some of the symptoms that skin care experts are treating during the Holidays and after the first of the year. “After years of working in the skincare business, I’ve noticed a significant increase in these types of cases,” said Natalya Borakowski. The owner of Desert Bloom Skin Care in Scottsdale, AZ and licensed Aesthetician says she rings in the New Year by treating more patients.

The quality of skin is impacted most by sugar and caloric intake. Even the most health conscious individual will change their diet during the Holiday season. “Extra glucose in our blood directly affects the skin by breaking down the cellular matrix where our cells reside. Without supportive environment, cells will die faster and cause various types of skin problems.”

Pimples are another side effect of poor diet. They can be treated with over-the-counter acne products, face washes, lotions, and spot treatments — but these symptoms will only become worse if diet isn’t improved. Larger sugar consumption will ultimately lead to insulin resistance, which results in higher blood sugar levels. “This means deeper, more inflamed and painful breakouts, as well as drier and more sensitive skin.”

Borakowski strongly advises maintaining a healthy diet with moderate indulgence. “Closely monitor your eating habits. Don’t beat yourself up over extra pecan pie. Just don’t go crazy.”

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