State-of-the-Art CoolSculpting is Now Available at The Spa on Rodeo

State-of-the-Art CoolSculpting is Now Available at The Spa on Rodeo

The Spa on Rodeo is a full-service day spa that offers a variety of spa services for clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

December 10, 2016 ( Beverly Hills is a cutting-edge treatment offered by The Spa on Rodeo.  This is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that targets stubborn fat deposits using super cooling technology.  It is the only FDA-cleared fat freezing technology available in the US.  Because there are no incisions or surgery, there is no downtime or recovery involved in the process.  The CoolSculpting Beverly Hills service is so simple that many patients will work or take naps during the process.

Scientists at Harvard University made an amazing discovery many years ago. While observing children for an unrelated study, they noticed that some kids developed dimples while eating popsicles. They found out that the cold from the ice cream treat eliminated pockets of fat in their mouth, therefore resulting in dimples. They soon realized that they could use this very science on a larger scale to freeze off undesired fat cells on other parts of the body. The Spa on Rodeo’s CoolSculpting Beverly Hills treatment does just that.

The super cooling technology used in the CoolSculpting Beverly Hills service carefully targets stubborn fat cells and eliminates them.  However, the surrounding tissues, like muscle and skin, are kept completely healthy and intact.  In the coming weeks, the body will dispel the eliminated fat cells through its natural processes.  The Spa on Rodeo’s CoolSculpting Beverly Hills procedure is painless and easy.  It offers lasting results since the fat cells are killed, not just reduced in size.

The Spa on Rodeo specializes in luxury and relaxation for all of their clients.  Their CoolSculpting Beverly Hills treatment uses state-of-the-art technology to help patients get rid of stubborn fat deposits that are immune to diet and exercise. 

For more information about this cutting-edge treatment or you would like to browse their other offerings, visit their website: or call.


Source: PR