Apple iPad Mini 5 Rumors, News Update

Apple iPad Mini 5 Rumors, News & Update

December 06, 2016 ( – There are so many rumors surrounding Apple’s devices being released this year. There’s the iPhone 7 and the MacBook Pro rumors, and now the iPad Mini 5 is getting its own round of speculations. These speculations include the iPad Mini 5 release date and that it’ll be only 5mm.

Talks of the release date are set around September, where Apple is also believed to make announcements on the MacBook Pro. Along with its release date, the Mini is expected to be thinner than its predecessor. The iPad Mini 2 has a thickness of 6.1mm. This time, the new generation tablet is going to be 5mm.

The battery would be smaller too – a concern many have considering that it could compromise battery life. But Neurogadget reports that the iPad Mini 5 would use an A9 processor which would consume less power, thus saving the battery’s runtime.

Other rumored hardware includes the iPad Mini 5 specifications having a 7000 aluminum body that they call the “bendgate,” which is the same as the iPhone 6. It is also expected that since the iPhone 7 is leaning towards removing the audio jack, the new iPad mini will also not include it too.

For its features, a 3D touchscreen support will also follow and apparently, it will be waterproof.

The pricing for the iPad Mini 5 is expected to be the same with the rest of its Mini lineup. Below is a list of prices for the iPad Mini 4 as basis:

WiFi Only:32GB: £31964GB: £399128GB: £479
WiFi + 4G32GB: £41964GB: £499128GB: £579

As you’ve noticed, there’s no longer a 16GB storage for the device.

There are also talks of the Apple Watch 2 being introduced in the rumored iPad Mini 5 release date in September. This comes as good news since you’ll only have to wait a few more weeks for all of this to be confirmed.

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