Maryland Doctor-Lawyer Law Firm Launches Medical Malpractice Representation

Maryland Doctor-Lawyer Law Firm Launches Medical Malpractice Representation

Gerhson, Willoughby and Gertz, is a Maryland medical malpractice law firm consisting of lawyers with medical degrees. They launched Malpractice representation focusing on serious malpractice cases including birth injuries and wrongful death. Based in Maryland, they handle cases nationwide, on a case by case basis.

December 01, 2016 ( – Gershon, Willoughby and Getz, LLC, a Baltimore medical malpractice law firm comprised of lawyers trained as medical doctors, launched a comprehensive range of malpractice services representing people injured by medical negligence including serious birth injuries.

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While modern medical services have improved considerably over the past decades, the risk of medical malpractice is still more real than you might think, especially considering the number of clinics lacking proper equipment.

The recent Affordable Care Act seems to have made health insurance prohibitive to those with wages in the lower percentages, with roughly 8 million taxpayers preferring to pay a legal fine rather than purchase insurance.

Additionally, health insurance costs have gone up, in some cases doubling, in many US states, leading to less people being able to afford quality professional health care. Coupled with the increasing number of people seeking healthcare in certain low-cost facilities, this situation could have potentially increased the risk of medical negligence.

Unsurprisingly, there are numerous cases where malpractice cases end up in court. However, in the face of the “hired gun expert”, ie. the party with the best array of medical experts, it is not always the victim that wins the case.

In an effort to provide the highest level of expertise in the complex field of medical malpractice, the doctor-lawyers at Gershon, Willoughby and Getz, LLC, graduated from medical school and are trained medical doctors.

The Maryland based medical malpractice law firm handles serious cases including birth injuries, wrongful death, failure to diagnose, and other forms of medical negligence resulting in permanent injury.

As a malpractice law firm of Maryland doctor-lawyers focusing on client-service and appropriate compensation for injury, Gershon, Willoughby and Getz, LLC, does not charge any legal fees until the case is successfully resolved. This ensures that all clients have equal access to quality legal representation irrespective of financial ability.

The lawyers at Gershon Willoughby and Getz are licensed in Maryland but also provide medical malpractice representation to injured victims throughout the Nation on a case by case basis.

Interested parties can find more information about the firm’s lawyers and cases handled by visiting the above-mentioned website.

Thank you for contacting Gershon, Willoughby and Getz, LLC regarding your medical malpractice case.  The decision to select a medical malpractice firm is an important one with so much riding on the outcome for your family. Rest assured, we understand and respect the confidence that you place in our firm and our ability to help you.  When you call or click below, our doctor-lawyers will respond promptly to discuss your case, at no cost to you.


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