Funny, Custom Design Christmas T Shirt To Be Discontinued On December 11, 2016

Funny, Custom Design Christmas T Shirt To Be Discontinued On December 11, 2016

On Target Publishing announced the discontinuation of the humorous, “Ho Cubed” custom designed Christmas t shirts and hoodies effective December 11, 2016. No orders will be accepted after that deadline.

December 02, 2016 ( – On Target Publishing announced that it will be discontinuing the custom designed “Ho Cubed” Christmas t shirt as of December 11, 2016.

To ensure exclusivity, the availability of the humorous design has been strictly limited to only 2 weeks. Because of the limited offer and tight deadline, Christmas lovers are able to spread the joy of the season without fear of seeing others wearing the same design. With the stresses, hustle and bustle of the holiday season, any displays of humor are greatly appreciated.

The custom design is available as a t shirt, hoodie and a festive Christmas coffee cup. The tees and hoodies come in a wide range of sizes all the way from small to 5XL so no one, regardless of size, will feel left out.

On Target Publishing recognizes that finding this design elsewhere is impossible and is providing customers with additional information and ordering details at: “Ho Cubed

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to enforce the tight deadline and end the product offering after only 2 weeks, Dan Eitreim, owner of On Target Publishing said, “This custom t shirt and hoodie design is printed and delivered on a per order basis. To be certain that customers have enough time to not only get their shirts and hoodies before Christmas, but make sure that they have plenty of time to wear them and spread the joy of the season, the ordering deadline of Dec. 11th must be strictly enforced. Orders received after that date will not be printed.

Christmas lovers looking for the most up-to-date information about the custom printed Christmas t shirt design can view specific details on the “Ho Cubed” web page. Customers who have specific questions about their purchases may contact customer support at that website. Questions received during normal business hours are typically answered within a couple hours.

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