FFXIV4GIL.com Encourages FFXIV Fans to Buy Game Upgrades in the Most Streamlined Way

FFXIV4GIL.com Encourages FFXIV Fans to Buy Game Upgrades in the Most Streamlined Way

FFXIV4GIL.com, an online store that sells FFXIV in-game upgrades and other gaming products, recently reached out for its buyers and encouraged them to buy the gaming items in the shortest way possible.

November 30, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – USA – FFXIV4GIL.com, an e-store dedicated to the Final Fantasy gaming addicts, now offers excellent online buying options to the gamers worldwide. The e-store has got many Gil suppliers on multiple servers. Due to this diversification, the gaming items store can now offer FFXIV power leveling options and upgrades in the most streamlined way possible. The owners maintained that they can also offer better customer service now thanks to their 24/7 live chat support team.

After receiving each order, the store’s delivery department gets to work and levels any Final Fantasy character within an average turnaround of ten to twenty minutes. Though the primary objective of the e-store is to finish orders on time, the owners claimed that their delivery department usually processes orders well ahead of the time, whereas they also focus on quality. The owners of FFXIV4GIL.comalso added that their experienced customer service guys are perfectly knowledgeable in this field and they can ensure complete safety of user accounts.

The e-store selling FF14 power leveling options now allow their buyers to choose from different servers including Cerberus, Lich, Moogle, Odin, Phoenix, Ragnarok among others for EU players, Aegis, Alexander, Anima, Chocobo, Garuda and few others for Japanese players and so on. Buyers can also choose from the power level they want to upgrade to and specify their current level too. After choosing their desired level, prospective buyers can just send a request to the live support team, and they will typically upgrade the character in under three days, though the owners said that it takes much less time for their executives to complete the orders.

Payment security and account safety of the online buyers who choose to upgrade their power levels through their website www.ffxiv4gil.com. The owners said that they now aim to bring more convenience to their buyers. “We want to ensure that everybody who buys power leveling upgrades through our website gets full payment security as well as account safety as that is something online gamers are particularly concerned about these days”, said a senior executive.

FFXIV4GIL.com is an online store that sells Final Fantasy gaming items. For more, visit www.ffxiv4gil.com


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