U-Ring Launched at Kickstarter on 19th of November

U-Ring Launched at Kickstarter on 19th of November

Last November 19, 2016, the campaign for U-Ring started at the crowd funding site Kickstarter. U-Ring is the first magnetic flash drive for iPhone in the world. This new feat is courtesy of FFT Innovations.

November 28, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – The creation of this new storage is device is their response to the growing need of iPhone users who are constrained with the limited storage options they have to back up their files from their smartphone.

U-Ring is created not just to provide a solution to the insufficient storage that many iPhone users have to deal with. Its product design is tailored to answer the different issues such as lost USB flash drives, long retrieval of files from iCLoud, stolen private content and the need to carry flash drives in the pocket making it an all-in-one solution. This flash drive attaches to the back of the iPhone magnetically and it also features  connections both for USB and lightning, which are MFi certified. The magnetic base and flash drive both have an innovative ring, which allows a one-handed phone use easily. This thing also acts as a stand.

FFT innovation has also made something unbelievable be possible. Through the use of the USB connector, the users can charge their phone while they are using the U-Ring provided that they use an external power source. The adapter that comes with the U-Ring is all it takes to make it happen.

With this all-in-one solution to getting all the storage that iPhone users need and more, FFT Innovation manages to introduce the very first magnetic flash drive for the iPhone. The journey of this new product is about to begin and they are starting at Kickstarter.

For more information regarding the features and details of this new product, visit them at their website www.U-Ring.com and checkout their Kickstarter campaign at www.kickstarter.com/projects/1086588558/u-ring-worlds-first-magnetic-flash-drive-for-iphon

U-Ring is designed is to mesh well with the customers’ life regardless of how active they are. With this new innovation, there will be no need to constantly optimize the iPhone’s storage to make room for new videos and images.

This is meant to answer the dilemma of iPhone users to have a space to deposit all the memories they have without having to be desperate with space. The new magnetic flash drive for iPhone is made to ensure that the flash drive can stick with the iPhone even when users are on-the-go. The magnetic base is powerful and allows users to attach their phones to any metallic surface.


Source: PR