SyndPro Launches Turnkey Business Opportunity

SyndPro Launches Turnkey Business Opportunity

SyndPro’s unique turnkey business opportunity is designed to be a sustainable business model offering two income streams; high commissions and residual monthly income. Each affiliate website is equipped with a 24/7 Live Chat sales team that helps close every sale.

November 28, 2016 ( announced today the launch of a new turnkey business opportunity.

SyndPro is known for being a valuable resource for small business owners and independent contractors.  SyndPro members have access to numerous corporate perks traditionally reserved for employees of large corporations in combination with a suite of online business training and management tools.

SyndPro announced today that members will now be able to resell the membership to others in a new affiliate program.  The business opportunity is a turnkey business solution specifically designed to relieve members of the burden of sales.  Each affiliate website has a 24/7 Live Chat sales team that is there to support all the affiliate’s website visitors and guide them through the sales process, allowing the member to focus on promoting their website rather than closing the sales.

There are two different income streams built into this unique business opportunity; both high commissions and monthly residual income.  The monthly residual income is a key factor in making SyndPro a sustainable business model. 

Take the SyndPro Video Tour today and you will immediately receive a complimentary 3 day 2 night hotel stay as a special thank you for your time.  SyndPro, it’s where business meets opportunity.

SyndPro is a total business platform and resource center for independent contractors and small business owners.  SyndPro members enjoy a comprehensive suite of corporate perks and business tools.  Take the SyndPro Video Tour and you will automatically receive a free 3 day 2 night hotel certificate as a special thank you.


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