SYOPTEK Fiber Optic Tool Kits Offer the Most Comprehensive Solution to Field Operators

SYOPTEK Fiber Optic Tool Kits Offer the Most Comprehensive Solution to Field Operators

Field operators within the fiber optic communications and networking industry prefer to carry their essentials while at work. SYOPTEK International recently launched a wide range of fiber optic tools kits.

November 23, 2016 ( – China – SYOPTEK International, a fiber optic tool manufacturer from Hong Kong, also offers now a broad range of fiber optic tool kits. The owners of SYOPTEK expressed that the tool kits are designed to bring a lot of convenience to their buyers, most of whom are field operators working within the fiber optic telecommunications industry. The company now offers fiber optic tool kit , fiber optic cleaning kit and fiber optic termination kit.

“The tool kits we now offer come with all the essentials that some field operator may need. Each and every tool it comes in and as a heavy-duty case containing all the must-haves for the field operators. For example, the most basic tool kit contains pliers, strippers, scissors, tweezers and all the other essential tools that workmen need to carry while at work. Adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, wire cutters, tape measures and all other tools are supplied with each tool kit”, said a spokesperson on behalf of SYOPTEK at a press conference.

Apart from regular tool kits, the manufacturers have launched different types of fiber optic termination kit and fiber optic cleaning kit. According to the spokesperson and executive, a fiber termination kit contains the essentials for fiber optic termination, which is a routine procedure in fiber optic communications industry. As of now, the company offers seven different varieties of fiber optic termination kits.

At a press conference held in Shenzhen, where the main manufacturing facility of the China based exporter is located, the spokesperson also added that fiber optic cleaning kit is another type of cleaning kit which they are offering. Though there are only four types of fiber optic cleaning kits in the inventory now, the executive indicated that they may add more varieties in the near future.

“SYOPTEK aims to become the global leader in manufacturing and exporting all types of fiber optic tools and fiber optic tool kits. We want to stay in the competition and our R&D is doing their best to assess the needs of field operators. We will keep adding more products in this category”, added the executive.

SYOPTEK is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of industry-grade fiber optic tool kit. In addition to the range of standard fiber optic tool kit, SYOPTEK has full capabilities to build a custom fiber optic tool kit to the exact requirements of our customers. To know more, visit


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