13th Wuzhou Festival: Over $146 USD Investment

13th Wuzhou Festival: Over $146 USD Investment

The 13th Jewel Festival in China was held in Wuzhou as the world’s artificial jewel capital. There were a lot of businessmen from 12 countries who participated in it. That is why there is a huge investment worth of $146 million USD.

November 21, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – The Wuzhou Jewel Festival is jointly organized by the China Association of Jewelry, Wuzhou Municipal People’s Government, ASEAN Expo Secretariat and jade jewelry industry. One of the goals of the festival is to effectively attract United States, Vietnam, Britain, Laos, Germany, Thailand, Garr Senna, Sweden, South Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, and other countries merchants. Wuzhou is well-known as “little Hong Kong”, “Guangxi Water Portal”, and “Century City” which is located in the Guangxi Eastern Part. It is considered as one of the four core cities as well.

In 1982, the first artificial gem processing plan started in Wuzhou by the Hong Kong businessmen. By then, the place is considered as the largest synthetic gem processing, production and trading center in the world. As a matter of fact, Wuzhou processing, distribution and trading volume of artificial gems is more than 100 billion. When it comes to the output value, it is about 2 billion 500 million yuan. Furthermore, It is the 80% of the country’ total artificial gem production and the world’s 70%.

The Secretary of the CPC Wuzhou Municipal Committee said that Wuzhou was able to sign 578 projects that has a total investment of over 86 billion 200 million yuan. That is why the City’s Gem Festival helps many people understand artificial gem. It has also become the reason why the city is known in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and other parts of the world.

In October 2007, the city won as the country’s jewelry industry base. It was also given the chance to be included in the first batch of local customs clearance, Guangxi market trading pilot and local exports. Moreover, the festival also won as the most attractive Festival City Award, brand Festival demonstration base in China and a lot more.

According to Jason Fei, China’s Deputy General said that the Wuzhou city will be able to upgrade the gem industry through industrial park construction, development of sound planning, renovation, processing jewelry industrial park upgrade, restructuring and integration, a variety of efficient industry associations, and other effective initiatives. Additionally, it will be able to do more in the near future.


Source: PR