The Towing Team San Diego Announces New Accident Removal Service

The Towing Team San Diego Announces New Accident Removal Service

The Towing Team San Diego is an established provider of roadside emergency and towing services throughout the San Diego area. With the addition of its new accident removal service, the company now offers an extra level of expertise and security to area residents.

November 20, 2016 ( – Matt Davis, The Towing Team San Diego marketing manager, says the company has always been focused on providing roadside emergency to the area’s busy streets and highways. That means, he says, that his experienced team has developed specific skills and expertise that they will now turn to accident assistance and removal.

“Things change in the case of an accident compared with a breakdown. Sometimes vehicles are blocking traffic or may be in dangerous locations. Our team is experienced in these kinds of situations and are equipped to get vehicles out of the way safely, quickly and effectively.”

The company’s wide range of towing services, equipment and experience, he says, means tow operators are equipped to remove vehicles no matter where they are and no matter the type of vehicle. The Towing Team is equipped to handle flatbed, tow dolly, on/off road winching, motorcycle towing and heavy duty towing, which means it can handle any kind of vehicle safely and effectively.

Davis says accidents also result in an understandable added strain to the client that his team is also equipped to handle. “People in an accident can be shaken, confused and are often vulnerable because of the shock of the incident.”

The Towing Team’s reasonable, guaranteed prices and written price policy means customers don’t look back at the event after feeling they’ve been taken advantage of. Instead, Davis says they are able to look back and know they were taken care of fairly, and that they’ve found a company they can call on again with confidence.

Davis suggests consumers think of emergency automobile service providers as they would insurance providers. “When you’re locked out of a vehicle, or something happens roadside, you don’t have the time to call around looking for a reliable service provider and you don’t have the time to shop for the best price. In the case of an accident, consumers are even more rushed to get vehicles out of the way and may be shaken on top of it all. That isn’t the time to be deciding on someone to call.”

He suggests it is worthwhile taking time now to look at available options, to talk to companies, and to visit websites for testimonials. “Do your research now and then if and when something does happen, you’ll be able to breathe at least a little easier knowing who you can call on for help and what to expect” he added. 

Offering 24/7 30-minute response, The Towing Team has expanded its qualified staff several times to keep up with demand but Davis says that growth is always based on adding qualified, experienced people who are an asset to the team. Other services include lockout, key placement and more standard roadside assist services including dead battery and tire replacement.


Source: PR