Private Citizen Offering Ransom Payment for Immediate Release of Missing Redding Woman, Sherri Papini

Private Citizen Offering Ransom Payment for Immediate Release of Missing Redding Woman, Sherri Papini

The wife and mother of two went missing on November 2nd and is believed to have been abducted while on a morning jog outside of Redding, CA

November 18, 2016 ( – Redding, CA – The 34-year-old wife and mother of two disappeared while jogging Wednesday morning, Nov. 2, on the Old Oregon Trail, and was discovered missing by her husband later that day.

Despite raising more than $42,000 on a GoFundMe campaign, along with a stated $50,000 reward for her safe return, the family has yet to receive any leads or have any contact with Sherri or her abductor over the two weeks since her disappearance.

Her husband, Keith Papini, and her family are certain this was an intentional kidnapping. “She is my wife, and I know everything about her. I know that my wife would never leave me and never in a million years leave our kids,” he said in an interview . Keith was cleared of any involvement in the incident after submitting to a polygraph and establishing his whereabouts at the time of Sherri’s abduction.

Now, a private citizen is getting involved, working with a professional hostage negotiator in an attempt to reach out to Sherri’s abductor and arrange for Sherri’s immediate release.

The citizen, publishing a letter to Sherri’s abductor on, is only interested in getting Sherri back to her family and has no intention of communicating with the local Sheriff’s Department. He is a visitor to Redding, and will only be in town for a short time, after which the offer for negotiation will be taken off the table. 

An email has been set up for contact with the negotiator. A disposable phone number has also been set up, though the private citizen has asked that this number only be used for the abductor, since a busy line could prevent the abductor from getting in touch. Again, please do not use this number for press inquiries, or even for leads. If you have a lead or press inquiry, please use the above email address and the negotiator will be in touch.


Source: PR