Boardwalk Towing announces new car lockout service

Boardwalk Towing announces new car lockout service

Anaheim based Boardwalk Towing recently announced the addition of a new car lockout service to its consumer offerings.

November 15, 2016 ( – Marketing manager Patrick Sommers says the addition of car lockout service means his team of professionals has added locksmith experience and expertise to ensure they are equipped to handle any customer need. “There are so many little things that can go wrong with a car and a lockout is one people often never think will happen to them. By adding expertise in this area, we provide our customers with one more critical service and a reliable provider to deliver it.”

Sommers says sometimes the worst thing people can do is fix a lockout issue on their own. Often, he says, they will try because they don’t know who to call, or because they believe a car locksmith will be too expensive. “We’ve seen people try all kinds of things to fix a lock or get into a vehicle and by the time they give up and call us, the situation is more complicated or they’ve added damage that wasn’t there before.”

He says especially with today’s more high tech and higher security locking systems, drivers can do more harm than good when they try to solve a lockout themselves. “Lockouts happen to all of us. While the temptation may be there to fix it yourself, it is important for people to think of the time they will waste trying, and likely failing, and then to consider what a minute long call and 30-minute guaranteed response time can mean as an alternative.”

Boardwalk’s line up of lockout services includes lock picking, lock replacement, rekeying, key replacement, trunk opening, and extracting broken keys from ignitions. Skilled locksmiths can also install key systems and alarms and can program new keys and locks. Sommers says this full range of services means locksmiths can both get drivers into their vehicles, and repair or replace any locks so the same situation doesn’t happen again. “Or perhaps someone has lost a key, has no idea where it is, and not only wants to get in but wants to ensure that no one else who may have found their key can get in. We can get them in and get them set up with a new lock to ensure their safety, and that of the vehicle.” 

Beyond its new service, the company also offers a full range of emergency towing services, all with 24/7 30-minute response time as well. These include local and long distance towing, heavy duty to light duty towing, wrecker services, and flatbed and tow dollies.

“We’ve calculated market rates and found the best possible prices which we communicate up front and stand behind” said Sommers. “There are no surprises, no hidden fees and you can be assured that the price we charge will be comparable with anyone in the city. Our full range of towing capabilities means we can handle any vehicle type and can remove it from any location quickly, efficiently, and safely.” He added.


Source: PR