Philadelphia Case of Wanda

Philadelphia Case of Wanda

November 10, 2016 ( – Philadelphia Advocates of Wanda Satterthwaite, the Mother of Rymir in New Jersey as most know has been in a six(6) year paternity battle with Shawn Corey Carter(Jay-Z) which started in PA in 2010 see Case then move to NJ in 2011 per a court Order see Orders.   In 2012 PA relinquished jurisdiction to NJ(court files). 

These advocates state they heard through sources that parties who live in New Jersey,  Rymir, and his godmother will be in Federal Court over numerous allegations of tainted and withheld evidence as reported in spring 2016(FCLU).  A court staff has reported that files have been taken by staff and sent to the press for exposure to demonstrate the corruption in family courts.  It is unclear why Administrative Offices have not handled the problem of allege tainted and withheld court records, but it’s very clear that parties have not been given their rights in a court of law.

The case begun as allegations of paternity, but now is clearly about fraudulent actions of the court and allegedly Mr. Carter.  The courts were contacted but no responses occurred.  It should be known that the entire Philadelphia Case of Wanda has been on line since 2010 along with the early years of New Jersey documents but since those records have been sealed by the court.

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