MSS Software Launches A Full-Fledged Barcode Equipment Rental Division

MSS Software Launches A Full-Fledged Barcode Equipment Rental Division

MSS Software, a Virginia-based barcode company, has launched a barcode equipment and software rental division.

November 09, 2016 ( – MSS Software, a division of Manufacturing System Services, is a reputable manufacturer and vendor of barcode equipment and software based in Fairfax, Virginia. The customer-oriented company has launched an unusual business division for rental barcode equipment and software. Aimed at easing the financial acquisition burden that is associated with barcoding equipment, this offer might finally solve the problem of capital investment in barcoding equipment among business owners in this region.

Boasting over 30 years experience in the barcoding business, MSS Software is credited with some amazing barcode equipment and software innovations. The company has come up with an ingenious marketing ploy that enables customers to rent all types of barcoding equipment and software at a fraction of the sale price. Apparently, the company is trying to address the long existing notion that barcoding equipment is not a viable capital investment because its cash-intensive and it offers limited functionality in mainstream businesses. Of late, barcoding equipment has gained prominence in many sectors for its unparalleled functionality in crucial business processes like inventory control, fixed asset tracking, and attendance and time tracking.

MSS Software has launched a new division of rental barcode products for all its customers. According to the company’s website, you can access a variety of barcoding equipment and software at very low rental prices. The company is offering rental equipment under the following product lines. Barcode reader rentals are available at $100-150 per week depending on the type. The company claims that it has over 1,000 such products for renting. The advertised products have amazing features, such as WiFi, WAN, Bluetooth or batch connectivity. Additionally, the mobile or portable barcode scanners are from reputable brands like Honeywell, Intermec, Psion, CipherLab, and AML among others.

MSS Software is also offering thousands of barcode rental scanners at $25/week for those that connect via keyboard or USB, $50/week for mobile Bluetooth scanners, and $150/week for badge and tradeshow scanners. Customers can also get barcode printer rentals at $100/week, $300/month or call the company to discuss long-term renting options. Finally, interested clients can also contact the company for barcode software rentals for mobile devices. From standard inventory reader programs to attendee tracking software applications, the company promises to solve all data collection needs at an affordable rental rate. The company promises on-time deliveries for all its rental equipment and software, provided the client books on time. The rentals will be delivered as complete setups including extra batteries, download cables, docks, chargers and complete instructions manuals. Standard support and communications’ software is also available.

MSS Software was founded in 1984 in Pennsylvania by three software developers who specialized in barcoding applications. The company moved to Fairfax in 2003, where it specializes in “individual attention and support.” Focused on easing data collection and optimizing productivity, the company maintains a team of expert customer care technicians and assistants, who offer free consultation services to its clients. More information can be found at


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