Michael Sherfick's The Easy Strap to Entertain at Red Bull Air Race

Michael Sherfick’s The Easy Strap to Entertain at Red Bull Air Race

Michael Sherfick, a reputable businessman who is the President and CEO of The Easy Strap, is entertaining guests in the suite at the Red Bull Air Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on October 1-2, 2016.

November 08, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – The Easy Strap, which offers a premium ratchet strap tie down system, will provide a superior hospitality experience for guests at the event, and promises to give the finest possible race experience. The Tower Terrace Suites are located inside the motor speedway, and tickets will include access to the public hangar viewing area, a few feet in front of the hangars only available at a few stops around the world.

“I think there’s always a battle going on somewhere in the field,” says Matt Hall, an Australian pilot who won his 2nd consecutive Red Bull Air Race stop of the season on September 4 in Germany’s EuroSpeedway Lausitz.

Seeing as there are only two races left this year, his statement could never be more true. After overall leader Matthias Dolderer made another set of points with his second-place finish in home skies at the EuroSpeedway, the battle is no longer between the German and a group of 13 pilots united to keep him from earning the title. The last race has made it apparent who among these pilots has a chance to beat Dolderer and who does not; and those who do not are fighting a battle of their own.

The fourth through eighth positions on the leaderboard—Kirby Chambliss (USA), Nicolas Ivanoff (France), Martin Šonka (Czech Republic), Nigel Lamb (Great Britain) and Yoshihide Muroya (Japan), are within five points of each other. The spread is only 4.75 points to be exact. Although it may be impossible for them to win the championship this year, the other two ranks of the overall podium are still within their reach, which means that in the final pair of stops they are going to be working hard to win over each other.

Every one of the pilots at the Red Bull Air Race is as competitive as they are skilled, so the Red Bull Air Race debut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will start intense rivalries throughout the exclusive ranks.

“Right down at the end of the field you’ve got a couple of rookies who are going, ‘I don’t want to be the guy at the back end here, I’ve got to get every point I can,’ so all the way through the paddock, there are these little battles going on,” Hall adds. “My battle is for the world championship. But there are battles all the way through the field.”

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Michael Sherfick is a reputable businessman and currently the President and CEO of The Easy Strap, Duratech, Fast Track Technologies LLC, and 3% Holdings. He has successfully founded multiple companies and has successfully increased sales for various companies he has managed. www.theeasystrap.com


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