TCO Appraisals Discusses Pre-Listing Residential Appraisals

TCO Appraisals Discusses Pre-Listing Residential Appraisals

If one thing is certain in the residential real estate market, it is that buying or selling a home is rarely without complexity.

November 07, 2016 ( – Would-be buyers and sellers of residential properties often face substantial delays or problems that derail the entire process; in fact realty industry analysts suggest that up to 32 percent of all real estate transactions encounter some sort of delay. One of the best ways to ensure that the process goes more smoothly is to obtain a pre-listing home appraisal. Todd Ortlieb, president and founder of TCO Appraisals in San Diego County, California, knows that accurate and objective property appraisals can make a huge difference when it comes to negotiating sale prices.

“A pre-listing appraisal provides useful information for the initial listing price, but there is another benefit,” says Todd. “A locally-prepared pre-listing appraisal report can be a hedge against delays that can cause the entire deal to crumble.” To learn more about the property appraisal service Todd’s company provides to clients in San Diego and surrounding communities, visit

It is fairly common that a mortgage provider or financial lender appoints an appraisal service company that may not have suitable knowledge of the local real estate markets and conditions that influence property values in the area. In these cases, such an appraisal may be dramatically less than the fair market value of the property.

Using a pre-listing valuation prepared by a local expert with intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods and market conditions that apply, it can be possible to appeal to the lender to re-evaluate the transaction. Lenders may then assign a re-appraisal to a local service provider. While this may cause slight delays, it can also work to save the deal from collapsing entirely.

TCO Appraisals has worked with banks, mortgage lenders, and property owners for many years in the communities of San Diego County. The company and its team of experts have developed a reputation for fairness and objectivity, two vital aspects of an accurate property appraisal. The company can evaluate the current or historical values for vacant land as well as residential structures.

The firm’s attention to detail and its responsiveness to its clients’ specific needs has made it an industry leader in California. For more information on the wide variety of property appraisal services the company offers to its clients, visit


TCO Appraisals is the leading provider of accurate, objective, and impartial residential real estate appraisals. Since its founding, the company has worked with property owners, managers, and lenders, delivering quality property appraisal reports for many years that are backed by the company’s commitment to customer service. The firm offers its services via telephone or email consultations, and has earned a reputation of quality for its personalized appraisal services.


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