VirgenX Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Virtual Stimulation Technology

VirgenX Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Virtual Stimulation Technology

VirgenX has started a revolution in personal recreation. They have created the future of comfort with VirgenX: the latest development in stimulation technology and unconditional love, VirgenX combines virtual reality and personal stimulation for a one of a kind experience.

November 06, 2016 ( – Created in conjunction with a technologically progressive mentality, VirgenX adopts cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) software and hardware that sets new standards within the industry.  By utilizing an innovative application using VR technology with the practical concerns of the worker, the romantic, or the loner, VirgenX is unique in using new and ingenious ways to ensure complete satisfaction and all the joys of sex without the effort.

Product safety and manageability are a top priority that ensures an all around empirically pleasurable experience.  With an incredibly workable interface, users are in complete control of the situation at all times.

Built from the ground up with convenience in mind, the design of VirgenX comes with interchangeable sleeves that can be cleaned easily with water.  VirgenX’s continued operational quality is guaranteed not to waver.

Simply adhere the easy-to-use interface to utilize the fully customizable functions of this miraculous product.  Once you have figured the perfect configuration, sit back and let VirgenX take care of you.

With an intensely lifelike silicon pleasure center, customizable modes, vibration patterns, and stroking motion, the flexibility of the experience parallels a real person.  In this age of opportunity and choice, find yourself an extra comfortable place in the future with VirgenX.

VirgenX goes beyond the limits of any sex toy in history by giving the user complete control via a mobile app.  The VirgenX mobile app allows users to create and adjust custom stroking motions and vibration patterns.  In addition, the VirgenX mobile app synchronizes the VirgenX device with motion and activity from the video which is displayed on the VR headset.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $80, $100, and $190 for a punctual penetrator package which includes a VR headset, charger, suction mount and a free VirgenX app.  At the top level, two units are available.  For more information, visit the Indiegogo page. 

VirgenX is the name of a new and innovative male masturbation device that combines Virtual Reality technology with a state of the art suction machine with adjustable motions and vibrations that sync with the VR phone app. 


Source: PR