Stunning Contemporary Family Residence With Bay View For Sale In Auckland, NZ

Stunning Contemporary Family Residence With Bay View For Sale In Auckland, NZ

November 06, 2016 ( – Some things in life are too good to be true. Things like unlimited coffee, free quality beer, a golden sunset that seems to last forever, just the right balance of rain and sunshine, and the perfect blend of nature and modernity in living.

Thankfully, however, that last one isn’t just true – it can be all yours. Hosted by agent Robbie Robson, there’s an auction coming up for a most beautiful 4-bedroom property on the gorgeous coastline of east Auckland, with an amazing view of the Hauraki Gulf, access to a beach, and an unbelievable selection of in-house features.

The home opens up to a breath-taking grand foyer, starting your initial tour strong with a two-story water feature and marble interiors. From there, you have direct access to each of the home’s three stories – your first story is completely open, giving you a wide and clear view over a designer lounge room, a modern kitchen and dining station, and a view of the Hauraki Gulf and picture-perfect Rangitoto Island through a north-facing beautiful stone deck.

The deck is everything a summer-loving family or single professional could want, with an extended spa area and view of your own swimming pool near the water.

Back indoors, the upper levels are dedicated to providing all the indoor comforts one could want, from an optionally-secluded master bedroom with a view of the Gulf, to a view of Rangitoto Island through the bathroom. In the winters, modern gas heating ensures that every nook and cranny of the home is made cosy and comforting.

Aside from four bedrooms including a private sanctuary, and an upper floor with an extended walk-in wardrobe and a study for perfect concentration, the property also comes with three fully-equipped bathrooms, an en suite bathroom connected to the master bedroom, an in-ground swimming pool in view of the Gulf, a spa area, a steam room, a media centre, six car spaces within an expanded garage, as well as:

417 square meters of floor space. 838 square meters of land space.

All that translates into a contemporary ocean-side home fully-equipped with all sorts of entertainment and R&R options, making it the perfect vacation home for the busy profession looking for a resting space. Furthermore, despite the view and the amenities, this property is a stone’s throw away from Auckland proper, giving you the flexibility of living away from the buzz and business of the city, while giving you a direct route to it. And for the hedonistically-inclined, it’s hard to think of a more beautiful way to live.

Your home itself won’t just be beautiful and practical – it’ll be a photo-op, turned into the ideal living space. That is, if it does become your home.

The auction starts later this month on a Wednesday, the 23rd of November, at 6:00 pm UTC+12:00. You can review the details of the home, and contact the agent, through – and if you make it to the bidding, that beautiful view and perfectly-designed home interior can be yours entirely.

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