National One Design Sailing Academy Offers Premier Sailing Courses and Training Services to Residents of Canada

National One Design Sailing Academy Offers Premier Sailing Courses and Training Services to Residents of Canada

The Academy provides top notch training services, delivered by certified trainers, through hands-on training, classroom lessons, and online courses.

November 04, 2016 ( – Spring is quickly approaching, and thousands of Canadians are considering new outdoor activities. National One Design Sailing Academy seeks to help individuals, families, and corporations in their search for a fun-filled outdoor adventure by offering their premier sail training services, classroom lessons, and online e-courses to people throughout Canada. The Academy is considered as one of the best sailing schools in the nation, surpassing the high standards expected of the best training programs in the country.

“Our certified instructors teach our course participants how to have fun while learning how to sail. The courses are designed to be engaging, interactive, and enjoyable, while at the same time, teach people what they need to know before going out onto the water,” said Kim Moffat, the Program Director at National One Design Sailing Academy. “We have taught people from every level of experience – from beginners who have never stepped foot on a boat – to daysailors and racers. “Whether it’s having fun with your family, learning to race around the cans or heading offshore on an adventure…. safety, education and fun drive us to success.”

The school offers a wide selection of fun, affordable training courses, on the school’s 7.5-meter Flying Tiger keelboats; There are a variety of classroom lessons or online courses which allow students to learn at their own pace. “One of our more popular opportunities is our corporate team building events.

Why not take team building out of the corporate world….out of the golf course and move it to the beautiful shoreline backdrop of the city.  Watch your team develop teamwork skills in a fun and interactive way, outside of their everyday” Moffat said. Communication exercises interwoven into the sail training program make a great metaphor for the office.   The skills of a successful keelboat sailor and/or racer mimic those skills required to be successful in business.

National One Design Sailing Academy primarily offer adult sailing courses; however, children and young adults are also welcome to attend certain lessons. “We receive many requests from families with children. Many parents want a fun-filled, memorable family vacation, and our Family Sail courses are perfect for that.

Family Sail courses are designed specifically for people who have either never been on a boat before or want to teach their children how to sail with certified instructors. Parents love this course because it allows them to learn alongside their children as a full family activity.   Children love it because the instructors keep things fun and exciting,” says Kim Moffat.

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For more information about the sailing courses currently available at National One Design Sailing Academy or to schedule an appointment, please visit or call.

National One Design Sailing Academy is headquartered in Oakville, with several locations available throughout Ontario. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the academy’s website or call to schedule an appointment.


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