Love Coconut Oil. Find out why. eBook By Caroline Ellen Launches 01 Nov 2016

Love Coconut Oil. Find out why. eBook By Caroline Ellen Launches 01 Nov 2016

Caroline Ellen is launching her brand new eBook, “The Coconut Companion”, available through a simple-to-use, password-protected website platform, accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Targeted at fans of Coconut Oil who want to know the truth.

November 05, 2016 ( – Coconut Connoisseur Caroline Ellen is launching her brand new eBook, “The Coconut Companion”. The eBook is set to go live 01 November 2016, available in a super simple-to-use, password-protected private membership website platform, accessible on a computer, tablet or smartphone and is expected to become a big hit with coconut oil fans who want to find out the real truth behind the Coconut Oil industry.

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This is the second eBook Caroline Ellen has authored. The book was written with the aim in mind to create something more than just a typical e-Book that ends up collecting dust on a computer’s hard drive! It’s a lifestyle change and a valuable lifetime resource that people can count on and return to whenever they need guidance or a little helping hand. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because people will learn everything they need to know about Coconut Oil and Coconut Water so that they can make it work for them rather than against them.

The Coconut Companion sets its main focus on being a one-stop shop, including links to top research websites, articles and blogs – all the information needed to begin looking and feeling healthier, naturally!. Readers will likely find a particular interest in how to protect themselves from low grade coconut oil and what questions should be asking to the manufacturers and distributors to reveal the quality of the coconut oil. The eBook’s cover art was created by Caroline Ellen and The Coconut Companion is being released by Caroline Ellen.

Caroline Ellen has a background in simply being a loving mother and wife, therefore only wants the best for her family and friends. This helped shaped the creation of the eBook because there are many websites and books providing lists of its uses and benefits, but she wanted this eBook to be about her own personal testimony.

She religiously uses coconut oil and can personally say that when it is purchased in its most natural form it is truly a gift from Mother Nature, unfortunately it has been miss treated by the manufacturers, big brands and distributors turning it into a money machine and reducing its quality. She wants to help protect people from this and the eBook will do just that.

When asked about why she wrote the book, Ellen said: “My goal is to help people learn the health benefits of coconut oil and how to start using it in its most purest form in their daily routine. Unfortunately not all coconut oils are created equal! It has taken a lot of time learning, training and testing everything coconut related. And now I would like to share this same knowledge with people and unfortunately some of what I have discovered is not as positive as they might imagine.”

Ellen has hopes that the book will help people get to the bottom line and justify for themselves whether or not they want to make coconut oil a part of their life – just like millions of people around the world. This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to her optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation.

At one point there were several mishaps, for example this eBook was taking her so long to write that she almost decided to stop. She didn’t want it to be just another eBook that collected dust on a computer hard drive. She invested in an expensive membership platform making it easy to have everything stored in the one place. Providing instant access when ever anyone needed.

Even though she had to learn everything from scratch and the technology caused her a lot of challenges along the way, it was all worth it to finally deliver an eBook that will become a valuable lifetime resource.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking her husband and children who supported her all the way and kept her motivated each time she wanted to give up.

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The quality of coconut oil depends on so many different factors. Each one more critical than the next! It might be doing you more harm than good! Find out how to protect yourself


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