A Trump victory would be a -Brexit- like moment in history

A Trump victory would be a -Brexit- like moment in history

Joseph Grinkorn, a Wall Street investments expert: In the long term, Trump’s presidency would restore the natural role of U.S.A as the super power in the world; Trump is the candidate of those who support law and order in the U.S.

November 04, 2016 ( datsyn.com)New York, – Joseph Grinkorn, an American businessman and Wall Street investment expert predicts that Donald Trump will win the US presidential elections that will be held on November 8. In his opinion, a Trump victory would have a dramatic effect because all the stock market metrics point to a Clinton victory.

Furthermore, if Trump becomes the next US president, his economic policy would be 180 degrees different from the expected economic plan during a Clinton administration, which is set to continue Obama’s economic legacy.

According to Grinkorn, there are several reasons why Trump could win the Oval Office. The first reason is the continuing releases from WikiLeaks and other Media sources, which are expected to be even more incriminating and embarrassing before Election Day itself.

These publications are casting a negative light on the Clintons and are harming the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign.  Grinkorn expects that Trump and his people would continue to launch a massive and aggressive negative campaign against the Clintons to tip the scales in his favor.

Grinkorn noted that during the eight years in which Obama and the Democratic Party rule the country, U.S. citizens lived through frustrated expectations and unrealized promises. The list of Obama’s failures is very long: the faltering Obama Health Care Plan, unpopular Iran nuclear agreement and his hesitation to fight and defeat terror. Clinton’s victory will be direct continuation of Obama’s failed policy. Many Americans don’t trust Hilary Clinton. They suspect that she is corrupt and motivated by self-interest.

Grinkorn noted that the American public opinion before the current presidential election, is very like that of the British public before the vote on the “Brexit”. Like the British, the American people are tired from failed political promises and the chasing of personal interests that characterize the current establishment, and are eager for change. Trump isn’t a traditional politician, he proved that he is ready to fight for his principles and can handle external pressure very well, and that is very appealing to many voters. 

Trump is the suitable presidential candidate for Americans that are interested in bringing back law and order. America stands at a pivotal crossroads and we can’t afford four more years of failed policies that could destroy the country.

Regarding the expected reaction of the financial markets to US presidential elections results, Grinkorn said: “The market is currently predicting that Hillary Clinton will win the White House. Markets would remain calm If Clinton wins. But, a Trump victory probably would lead to short-term uncertainty and a shock to markets after the surprising loose. The new and unknown Trump’s economic policy, that is totally different from the one that was promoted by Obama administration would also contribute to temporary financial instability.

Grinkorn estimates that, in accordance with the plan for his first 100 days of presidency that Trump has outlined, he will make a huge change in US immigration laws, he intends to renegotiate trade and wage contracts with foreign countries, and more importantly, Trump is expected to remove all the former restrictions and hurdles in the energy and oil industry, approve the keystone pipeline from Canada to the US and allow the use of various energy production technologies.

These measures will significantly increase U.S. oil production, and could cause the price of oil to drop to 25 dollars per barrel, and allow U.S. to become the world’s largest oil producer, in addition, Grinkorn predicts that Trump’s election will lead to lower business tax for American corporations and increase the employment of U.S. citizens.

Finally, Grinkorn concluded by saying: “Trump is the type of person that you either love or hate, there is no middle. He is also un-politically correct and very “in your face”. If Trump were elected president, he would have to deal with his critics and opponents, and prove them wrong if he is unable to do that, he will be a one- term president. “

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