Shenzhen Anycon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd has been Providing Intelligent Remote Control to your Smart Home

Shenzhen Anycon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd has been Providing Intelligent Remote Control to your Smart Home

Shenzen Anycon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of remote controllers with the focus on smart innovations in China, has been providing Intelligent Remote Controls to open intelligent life.

November 02, 2016 ( – With only a push on a button after initial setup, everyone in the home will be able to control smart home devices so as to set the scene with lighting presets, playlist, and more. It is compatible with a large range of smart home products, which include the door locks, lighting, and blinds, among other accessories like music.

With three years of rapid development, the Anycon product base in Dongguan Ailichuang Plastic Products Co., Ltd in year 2012 has its factory located in Fenggan Town in Dongguan City, which is adjacent to Guanlan, Shenzhen. The company manufactures remote controllers for smart innovations with specialization in production, design, sales, development, and services of different remote controllers.

From the beginning of their inception in 2009 up to the present success that they have received for quality products and latest innovations, they passed the quality management system certification and K-mart certification. They have also established a complete operation center management team, along with the fully automatic integrated workshop that they also established, which lead them to becoming in collaboration with ZTE, a domestic giant of telecommunications.

Do you have the latest set top box, game console, or smart TV? No need to worry about anything because the company is providing interactive control and operation, voice control, BLE, touch applications, Bluetooth 3.0, and standard 2.4G remote controllers . Anycon aims in high-standard production management “ZERO DEFECT” and “DOING THINGS RIGHT AT A TIME”.

Furthermore, their mission is to innovate products to improve the quality of life of every homeowner, insisting to delight the customers and emphasize on the values of promise and credit, sustainable innovation, and teamwork spirit. If you want to learn more about the company, visit the website:


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