Christmas Carolers Sing at Melo Park Mall

Christmas Carolers Sing at Melo Park Mall

November 01, 2016 ( – Christmas carolers, provided by “Acappella Carolers” will be singing at the Menlo Park Mall on November 25, 2016. Yes, on Black Friday!

Celebrate the amazing sales you are sure to find at Menlo Park Mall by singing along with the Christmas Carolers. I’m sure you will hear some of your favorite Christmas songs. Our Carolers have been recently featured on the TV show, “Good Morning NFL”. Our singers really know how to entertain.

Our Christmas carolers sing have been singing at the local malls for many years now. They also get hired to sing at Company Holiday parties and private parties too. So, if you want to enjoy the sound of the season this year, hire Acappella Carolers.

So, if you are looking for great Good Friday deals, why not stop by Menlo Park Mall and listen to some great singing provided by You can hire our Christmas carolers for your next company Holiday party or private Holiday party.

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