Silicon Beach Film Festival Announces the 2016 Awards

October 26, 2016 ( – The Silicon Beach Film Festival was held at Beach Dancer Films in conjunction with the Venice Media District on October 22nd. We congratulate the below films and filmmakers.

BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY – Live and Amplified – Eryn Bent  Directed and Produced By: Thomas Kwiat BEST ACTING – Beverly(Alexander Thomas – Director)

BEST HORROR SHORT – Seeking Valentina Directed By: Armin Nasseri

BEST SHORT DRAMA – Solitude Directed By: Michael Raso

BEST SHORT MYSTERY – Nadia Knows Directed By: John Avino

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – The Black that Follows Cinematographer Eloi Molí   Directed By: Bloom

Festival Director Jon Gursha

Sandie West Co-Producer

Festival Programer Peter Greene

Marketing Director Eric Vollweiler

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Silicon Beach Film Festival arose from the dedication of Jon Gursha & Peter Greene, who are the creators of the Marina del Rey and Culver City Film Festivals in partnership with Westside Festivals & Film Marketing Services Inc & Silicon Beach Film Distribution: creating Silicon Beach Film Festival for the westside of Los Angeles, this October 22nd 2016 at Beach Dancer Films in Marina Del Rey presented by Venice Media District, a committee of The Venice Chamber of Commerce.


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