WebDesign Cebu is Now Accepting Bitcoin

WebDesign Cebu is Now Accepting Bitcoin

October 25, 2016 (datsyn.com) – WebDesign Cebu, a web-based digital marketing services provider with clientele all over the globe, has announced the addition of Bitcoin to its numerous payment options. The startup states that it has found the benefits of including Bitcoin in its offerings to be too numerous to ignore, especially considering the slow but steady growth of the crypto currency’s business application and capabilities over the past two years.

“While we’re a new company, we’ve been around the IT and marketing block for several decades. We know the trends of the industry like the back of our hand, both historically and regarding more recent developments. Individually, we’ve all had an eye on Bitcoin since its inception and popularity back in the early 2010s, but here at WebDesign Cebu, we collectively decided it was time to open up the option to Bitcoin enthusiasts to avail of our services and utilize their currency in doing so,” stated a representative for the company.

Unlike many other businesses offering Bitcoin as a payment option, WebDesign Cebu offers a dedicated Bitcoin address where the company is holding their crypto currency, rather than use a third-party payment solutions provider like BitPay to immediately convert bitcoin into regular currencies.

“As fellow innovators in the digital field, we believe that trust and wholehearted adoption of Bitcoin as the currency of the future is the only way forward for crypto currencies. We recognize the numerous faults the currency has, but also understand that speculation and short-term investments only hinder its progress,” the representative stated.

Bitcoin is a consensus-based community crypto currency, designed to be virtually unhackable, decentralized and entirely transparent. The Bitcoin protocol was first introduced to the world by an anonymous individual or group going by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, and since the release of the first white paper in 2009, Bitcoin has grown from being a niche interest among crypto currency theorists to a working currency for several large ecommerce retailers like Rakutan, Overstock, and even service and product providers like Dell and Microsoft.

Bitcoin is notorious for its volatile value – it made regular headlines in 2011 and onwards, when its value rose from US dollar parity to over $1000 per unit. Today, the currency is lying at about $600 per unit, after a new record high of roughly $750. While exact figures on the currency’s growth are unavailable, interest in Bitcoin has waxed and waned since 2010, but has steadily become more prominent in the last few years. The decision to implement Bitcoin as a payment solution wasn’t solely driven by media popularity, however.

“Partially, Bitcoin’s current growth spurt convinced us to finally integrate it into our payment solutions. On the other hand, offering Bitcoin the chance to shine among our payment solutions was always an eventual goal.”

WebDesign Cebu offers a myriad of digital marketing and web design and development services, from SEO packages and paid advertisement campaigns, to graphical design, WordPress website management, and several other integral services to online businesses both large and small. To contact the company for more information, or to view their offerings, please visit:  webdesign-cebu.com

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