New Business Planning Coaching Module Released

Business planning is not the favorite project of most small business owners, but it is important. YourBusinessCoachingClub has released a new coaching module to make it easier for entrepreneurs to build winning business plans.

Business planning is a vital element to business success, yet many small business entrepreneurs appear to believe that it is an activity that only relates to startup businesses.

Craig Ridley, Head Business Coach at YourBusinessCoachingClub said today that business planning is just as important for mature, large businesses as it is for new, startup businesses.

“Without a well-developed business plan that is used daily to drive business decisions, small business owners will rarely achieve their business goals” Mr Ridley said. “It is more likely that they will waste precious time and energy reacting to operational issues and never really take the time to think strategically about the business and implement business improvement strategies to drive success.”

YourBusinessCoachingClub recently launched a new online business coaching module to step members through the process of developing a winning business plan that is tailored to achieve the specific business and life goals of the owners. This coaching module is the 9th module released to members to date.

In a summary note to members, Mr Ridley outlined a number of strategies to ensure business owners gained maximum leverage from the business planning process These included:

Work through a Now Where How process so that issues affecting the business today are addressed as well as the vision for tomorrow.

Business plans must establish milestones and drive accountability to ensure the team achieves the goals.

Business plans must be aligned to measurable outcomes and these measures need to be constantly reviewed to ensure progress is made in the right direction.

Members of YourBusinessCoachingClub and other small business owners are encouraged to view the summary business coaching video and take action to build a winning business plan.

Source: Featured News