Palm Beach Wholesale Property Low Cost Probate Home Buy List Launched

Palm Beach Wholesale Property Low Cost Probate Home Buy List Launched

Probate Solutions FL, the Florida based home buying company, has launched a free wholesale property buying list for interested parties to sign up to. It allows them first look at reduced rate properties for investment and resale.

October 21, 2016 ( – A Florida home buying and probate company has launched a new house purchase service for home buyers looking to make fast, cheap purchases on wholesale properties. The service lists cheap houses for real estate investment in South Florida, and people signed up to it get to see wholesale properties at 30 to 50% off the ARV.

More information can be found on the Probate Solutions FL website at:…

Customers can get on the list provided by Probate Solutions FL by getting in touch with the property specialists through their website. This allows them to see the properties before other investors can grab them. Probate Solutions also offers real estate investment properties for landlords or fixer uppers to resell at a later date.

The company has been buying and selling properties for over ten years, and offers easy, simple and well respected home buying services for clients in the Florida area. The company prides itself on its customer service, and is willing to do everything it takes to get their house sold.

Their mission is to reach out to homeowners that need relief from an unwanted property or one that has become too difficult to manage. Probate Solutions FL does everything it can to help ensure the client’s needs are taken care of, and the management of the property will be handled with care and devotion.

It is this home buying service that allows Probate Solutions FL to offer its free wholesale service to clients looking to get the best value deals on properties around Florida. The low prices of houses offered by Probate Solutions FL make their list a good way for first time investors or those new to the scene a good chance to get on the property ladder.

The fast service allows people to make profit on their purchase in less time, and gives a firm grounding in the real estate market by fully immersing them in the business.

Interested parties wanting more details about the services Probate Solutions FL offer can fill in their details on the company website for a quick cash offer appointment, or get in touch to find out more.

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