Lucky Patcher App for iOS, iPhone – Download

Lucky Patcher is an amazing app which gives you the permission to do control on your app which you have installed on your android devices.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for Lucky Patcher iOS and Android devices. It was released last week and since then it has become a rage among young gamers. Nintendo’s stock value has increased by about $7.5 billion following high interest and engagement for their latest game. For now, Nintendo has not released this game for Windows devices. However, you can play this game on your Windows 10 PC using Android emulator such as Bluestacks. This game requires gamers to walk around their neighborhood with the smartphones to capture Pokémon nearby. Lucky Patcher Download Since you can’t carry your Windows PC, you can use Fake GPS to fool the game that you are actually moving around. Even if you have Android or iOS device, if you want to collect all the Pokémons without leaving your desk, then the following may be your solution.

Travis D from YouTube has posted a detailed tutorial on how to play Pokemon Go on a Windows PC. Read it below.

How to play Pokemon Go on Windows PC:

Download the following and put it in single folder on your Windows PC. Lucky Patcher Please note that, apart from Bluestacks which you download from their official site, all others are Android APK files.

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