New Novel Inspired by the Hit TV Series Sister Wives to Be Published This Christmas

Monterey Books – In the vein of a twenty-first century lifestyle comes the outlandish comedy, The Women Who Love Rome by London Tracy.

CHICAGO, IL – With huge ratings and an extensive following, Sister Wives has solidified the world’s fascination with lifestyles not like our own. “Sister Wives is virtual sacred time in my home,” writes CNN Contributor Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio. “When it’s on, I refuse to answer the phone or move from my couch.”

Fans of the hit show should expect to see similar shows on the horizon as Hollywood has clearly taken notice with two similar shows already in the works. “TV shows such as Sister Wives and Big Love offer a different perspective on the traditional lifestyle,” says Kris Mitchell, a loyal fan of the show. “There’s something taboo about it that just makes viewers want to know more and more.”

The author admits that up until she penned this comedy, she never dreamed that she would consider sharing a man with another woman, however, after spending countless hours in the fictitious world of Rome, India, Storm and Thursday, she’s had a complete change of heart.

This romantically-laced comedy hits bookstore shelves December 14, 2016.

Source: Featured News