Offers Now Diverse Range of Anker Flooring Products for Luxury Environments Offers Now Diverse Range of Anker Flooring Products for Luxury Environments recently launched the respected Anker range of flooring products into the UK market.

October 14, 2016 ( – UK – , a prominent supplier of integrated flooring solutions, recently launched the Anker flooring products into the UK market.  Building on their extensive experience with architects and interior designers, INTRAweave understand that high quality, design-led flooring solutions are an essential element of every building and can make or break the design.    The market is crying out for more innovative systems and creatively, and INTRAweave believe that the Anker range is the solution.

Anker flooring products that offers include Perlon Rips, Perlon Rips Blox, Perlon Rips LCS and many other products which are all distinctly different from each other. However, owners of claimed that the products offer almost the same level of sustainability and durability.

“Take the Perlon Rips product for example, a product which has several different variants. It’s indeed an integrated textile flooring system with an ageless design. We recommend this product for all sorts of high-traffic areas, including luxury homes and state-of-the-art offices”, said a senior executive of

As a variant to the Perlon Rips range, the Perlon Rips LCS a range features  the full colour palette from the renowned architect and master of design, Le Corbusier. . Anker, the Germany based flooring products manufacturer, have exclusive rights to this colour range in the flooring sector.  Our mission is to inspire architects and allow maximum creativity when integrating flooring into an interior design scheme”, added the executive of

Apart from Perlon Rips variants,  offers a wide range solutions from the incredibly minimalistic and elegant Taurus and Flat products, through to the highly luxurious Kashmir option. .   “Some of the Anker products are rather minimalistic, while others are rich in texture and design”, he added.

The executive also told the press that they ensure that products supplied by them meet all the quality benchmarks and international standards. Nestled in the UK, the company aims to become a global leader in flooring products supplying, which is why they think that conforming and complying with the highest global standards is imperative. “Quality is at the core of everything we do”, added the executive. 

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Source: PR