Plumber In DC Launches A Content-Rich Plumbing Blog On Its Website

Plumber In DC Launches A Content-Rich Plumbing Blog On Its Website

Plumber In DC, a plumbing company headquartered in Washington DC, has launched a informative and captivating plumbing blog on its website.

October 13, 2016 ( – Plumber In DC is a well established plumbing company that serves commercial and residential clients in Washington DC. Since the internet gained prominence, the company is renowned for its innovative online marketing approach. An indirect marketing tactic, the newly introduced plumbing blog offers valuable plumbing information to users; thereby enhancing the company’s online appeal.

Plumber In DC has introduced a plumbing blog on its partially refurbished website. The newly launched plumbing blog is presented in a simple, mellow and classic design style that is likely to appeal to the company’s latest target market segment, commercial plumbing clients. Surprisingly, this seemingly plain presentation style appears elegant and composed instead of being drab and unattractive. The blog also features sharp, colorful images, which enhances its aesthetic appeal. In the beginning, users will most likely be drawn to the blog by its enticing web design. However, the true bait is the written content itself. The posted plumbing content is bound to keep users — commercial clients, homeowners and any other interested persons — glued to the screen for hours on end.

In terms of online marketing, Plumber In DC has really outdone itself with this blog. For starters, the company has posted a lot of content on the blog. There are many plumbing articles that span all plumbing topics. For homeowners, there are factual articles on home remodeling/renovation, sewer system maintenance, energy efficiency at home, water heater selection and replacement, hiring plumbers and DIY home plumbing fixes among others. In addition to articles full of useful plumbing tips, there are numerous articles on bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects; touching on all imaginable subjects including selections, maintenance and even comparisons of different floors, walls, countertops and fixtures.

For commercial clients, there are numerous articles on every possible query about office remodeling and many more on commercial plumbers — how they operate, how to vet and hire them and many others. Other interested individuals will find a wealth of information on almost any general plumbing topic like plumbing system care and maintenance tips. Some of the articles are categorized or tagged as either “Helpful Hints” or “Plumbing Advice” and some are classified according to their plumbing topic. It seems the article posting and categorization processes are still continuing and will hopefully be complete by the time the website is fully refurbished.

All the articles are properly researched, original and grammatically perfect — they contain evergreen and factual content. They are written in a personable voice, a captivating tone and a serene writing style — conveying the message in a relatable and cheerful way.

Each article carries one high quality, emblematic image to ensure target (written content) focus and avoid presentation clutter without undermining the inherent imagery. The blog is also interactive in that users can post comments at the bottom of any post. To upload a post, a user must fill-in his/her name and email — only the name and comment appears; the email is not displayed.

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