New App Gives Acne Sufferers Dermatology On Demand

New App Gives Acne Sufferers Dermatology On Demand

A team of board-certified dermatologists have developed a new app that allows patients to receive acne treatment and other dermatology services online.

October 11, 2016 ( – Los Angeles, CA – PixelDerm gives people an alternative to waiting rooms and a long wait for an appointment. Patients simply take and upload a photo of their skin problem. An on-call dermatologist certified to practice in their state provides them with medical advice, a treatment plan and a 30-day prescription if needed.

The online service specializes in treating skin and hair conditions particularly common in people with skin of color, meaning all non-Caucasian skin.

PixelDerm is a secure online platform that lets people easily create an account, submit a photo and receive a personalized treatment plan within one business day. A dermatologist consults with the patient, develops a treatment plan and prescribes medication if needed. The patient can then use PixelDerm’s messaging system to exchange messages with the dermatologist for up to 30 days.

The cost for each PixelDerm visit is $40. The service does not accept insurance, though prescriptions are covered by a patient’s insurance if the patient has insurance that covers medications. Prescriptions can be called into the patient’s preferred pharmacy.

Conditions treated by PixelDerm dermatologists include many conditions more common in people of color. They include conditions like acne, eczema and skin discoloration. This is especially important considering some treatments routinely given for common skin disorders can injure the skin and cause pigmentation problems in patients with skin of color.

An increasing number of skin cancer cases and an aging population have driven up demand for dermatology services while there remains a shortage of dermatologists. A 2013 survey by national healthcare search and consulting firm Merritt discovered the average wait time for a dermatologist appointment was about 28 days. PixelDerm gives patients an alternative to waiting.

PixelDerm’s services are currently available in California, Georgia and Illinois. 

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More information about PixelDerm is available at

A team of dermatologists and patients concerned about inconveniences of in-office dermatology visits created PixelDerm as an alternative to traditional dermatology visits. PixelDerm is a secure platform that gives people a personalized treatment plan within one business day. Its dermatologists, board certified in the states in which the service is offered, specialize in treating skin and hair conditions common in people of color.


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