Learn Turkish 5000 Phrases Slated to Become a More Resourceful App in the Near Future

Learn Turkish 5000 Phrases Slated to Become a More Resourceful App in the Near Future

Learn Turkish 5000 Phrases, a language learning app which has a defined role, is all set to become a more resourceful Turkish language learning tool for the m-learners.

October 10, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – USA – While a lot has changed in the world of e-learning and m-learning over the course of past few years, there are still not many Turkish language learning apps that are amply resourceful. Learn Turkish 5000 Words , an e-learning app that aims to make Turkish language learning more interactive and fun, will be a more resourceful app for Turkish language app as the developers have planned to add thousand new Turkish phrases every month to its database. At present, the app has only 500 Turkish phrases.

Developers from Fun Easy Learn, an app development firm that has numerous language learning software based tools to its credit, recently announced that their immediate objective is to do the necessary research in close coordination with Turkish language experts, Turkish speakers with excellent bilingual proficiency and Turkish translators to find and add new Turkish phrases to their database, which now only contains 500 Turkish phrases.

Learn Turkish 5000 Phrases, which translates commonplace Turkish phrases to 60 different languages, promotes audile and interactive learning. “It’s a free to download and free to use app which can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. One just needs to click the free download button in Google Play Store to get the app”, said a software developer from Fun Easy Learn.

Learn Turkish 5000 Words categorizes Turkish everyday phrases into thematic topics, and four different tuition components are also available. The app also segregates the whole learning process into three different levels and users can derive the sheer fun of unlocking one after another level while learning the Turkish language through the android app.

“Language learning should be quite an enriching experience for our learners. We always strive to develop interactive apps with great features and nice display. Though the Turkish language learning app has only 500 phrases now, we will keep adding thousand new phrases every month to make the count of phrases five thousand within a few months”, said the CEO and managing director of Fun Easy Learn. 

To know more, visit www.funeasylearn.com/app/learn-turkish/

Learn Turkish 5000 Phrases is a Fun Easy Learn e-learning app for Turkish learner.


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