Learn Swedish 5000 Phrases to Become a More Useful App in Next Couple of Months

Learn Swedish 5000 Phrases to Become a More Useful App in Next Couple of Months

Learn Swedish 5000 Phrases, a language learning app developed by Fun Easy Learn, is going to have a bigger database of Swedish phrases in next couple of months.

October 09, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – USA – Learn Swedish 5000 Phrases, a Swedish language learning app designed and developed by Fun Easy Learn, will be updated every month, the developers confirmed. They said that their aim now is to add 1000 new phrases every month so that their users can jump from one level to another as they make strides during Swedish language learning. They added that Learn Swedish 5000 Phrases will be updated at regular intervals so that their users can take a step-by-step learning approach.

“Learning new languages requires a methodical approach. We have consulted with eminent linguists, translators and Swedish phrasal verb and idiom experts before compiling the Swedish phrases for this app. We know that many people come to Sweden every year for studying and research purposes. But they always face communication problems in Swedish schools, colleges, universities and research institutes as most of them have poor command over the language of the land – the Swedish language.”

“This is the reason we have used the most commonplace Swedish phrases and idioms and also a few technical jargons translated to Swedish in our app so that learners of the language can easily look up the app and start communicating in Swedish”, told a senior executive of Fun Easy Learn, the app development company which has developed Learn Swedish 5000 Phrases and many other apps for enthusiastic language learners. The developer expressed that that the app is designed with the purpose of trade facilitation as well as research and collaborative study facilitation.

Learn Swedish 5000 Phrases database now contains only the most basic Swedish phrases, with Fun Easy Learn confirming that they will add more complex phrases to the database in the near future. “We will level up the learning process. When the app is fully developed, users can access all the 5000 phrases and get their meanings. Swedish language learning becomes fun when someone uses our app in a strategic way. Users can play games, unlock levels and get fun while using the interactive app”, said the developer. 

To know more, visit www.funeasylearn.com/app/learn-swedish/

Learn Swedish 5000 Phrases is a Fun Easy Learn language app.


Source: PR