Dream Night Tours Announces New Dubai Desert Safaries with Fun and Excitement

Dream Night Tours Announces New Dubai Desert Safaries with Fun and Excitement

Dubai is among the top visited destinations in the world and what makes it so special is its iconic attractions and unique adventures that are quite popular among travelers.

October 09, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Presently Dubai offers loads of air, water, land and indoor adventure attractions right from sky diving to scuba diving but nothing beats the uniqueness of a desert safari tour. A diverting twist to Dubai’s prevalent perspective of metallic jungle, a desert safari tour Dubai is an exceptional escapade from the daily life into the nature’s unrivaled landscapes that furthermore sets stage for the absolute thrill seekers to experience finest of desert sports and activities.

A thrilling detour from the chic metropolitan scenario of soaring skyscrapers to a barren landscape filled with sand dunes as far as the eye can see comes as a refreshing change to any Dubai vacation. Every tour operator ideally offers a Dubai package with a Dubai desert safari tour included as the holiday experience feels incomplete and unsatisfactory without an exciting excursion to the desert. Dubai deserts work wonderfully as a massive playground for some adrenaline rushing desert sports. Zoom into the desert, swerve up and down conquering the shifting sand dunes with a dune bashing experience. Stop in the middle of the desert and try riding on off beaten trackless sand paths on a quad bike. Visitors can even test their skills in skiing on a sand skiing experience.

All tour operators offer Dubai packages with a mix and match of other sightseeing along with different types of desert safari Dubai deals such as morning desert safari tour, afternoon adventure safari tour, afternoon till dinner safari tour and overnight safari tour. Which ever option visitors choose, all have a mesmerizing effect which lets the visitors have a fabulous well spent day in the Arabian deserts. A morning desert safari tour begins in the early hours of morning when the sun is still rising above the horizon. Visitors will be driven to the desert while the sunshine and the ambiance is cooler and pleasant. With this tour, travelers can experience a marvelous sunrise as they reach the desert and spend the rest of the day trying out adventure sand sports.

An afternoon adventure tour is a half day tour for travelers visiting Dubai for a short duration but would not want to miss the thrill of the desert. They can enjoy some invigorating hours enjoying desert rides and adventures before proceeding with their planned itinerary. Afternoon till dinner safari tour is an extended version of the afternoon adventure tour where visitors can stay back after a tiring yet thrilling day of desert sports, idle around in mesmerizing hues of a beautiful desert sunset in the evening and enjoy a scrumptious barbecue dinner before heading back to their hotel accommodations in the city. The overnight desert safari tour is the most charming and complete desert tour that anyone visiting Dubai should experience.

The tour starts with a thrilling afternoon desert safari followed by viewing of sunset in the desert, then settling down for a lovely evening filled with traditional entertainment and activities like henna painting, folklore, belly dancing, camel rides, shisha and a grand Arabian feast. The most enchanting part of the tour is spending the night under the starry sky in an Arabian styled camp that feels like a page taken out of an Arabian tale.

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Dubai desert Safari is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family – have fun at exhilarating adventure sports, capture moments in photographs at picture perfect sunset panoramas and stay back in Bedouin styled camps amid traditional merriment and Arabic hospitality. Visit www.dreamnighttours.ae for great deals on desert safari tours and choose your preferred package to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Dubai.


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