Learn Russian 5000 Phrases to Become True to Its Name within a Few Months

Learn Russian 5000 Phrases to Become True to Its Name within a Few Months

Learn Russian 5000 Phrases, a breakthrough mobile app for Russian language learners, is still not in its fully developed state.

October 07, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – USA – Learn Russian 5000 Phrases, an app that has made life easier and smoother for Russian language learners, both the rookies and advanced learners, will receive major updates from Fun Easy Learn, the e-learning app development firm that is behind this highly successful mobile app. The developers recently stated that they are not fully done with developing the app and the version doing the rounds in online app marketplaces is only the beta version of the app.

Learn Russian 5000 Phrases developers confirmed that they will be adding 1000 words every month to the database of the app to make it complete and really useful for their advanced learners. When asked about the present status of their database, they replied that the database only contains 500 Russian phrases right at this moment. However, they informed that users can translate the Russian phrases into sixty different languages and this particular feature is not going to change in the near future.

Fun Easy Learn aims to design and develop intuitive and interactive language learning apps that can be used by both kids and adults. The developers told that they have done a gamification of the learning procedure so that users get ample fun and excitement while learning simple and complex Russian words.

The developers assured that the Learn Russian 5000 Phrases app is free and it will remain free forever. “Just because we are planning to add new phrases to the database every month, doesn’t mean that learners have to pay a price for using the app. It’s a free m-learning tool which anybody having an interest in Russian language can use for their benefit. We believe that the addition of new phrases would increase the popularity of the app. At present, people mainly living and studying in Russia use the app. However, we hope that the app will gain equal acceptance among professionals, translators, interpreters and embassy workers in the foreseeable future”, said the project head of Fun Easy Learn. 

To know more, visit www.funeasylearn.com/app/learn-russian/

Learn Russian 5000 Phrases is a Fun Easy Learn e-learning tool.


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